How to use id for two different nodes with the same name

Hi everyone, I have the following issue: I'm making a tree graph in which some of different nodes have the same name (e.g. West (Mande) and West (Dogon)). Unfortunately, the documentation doesn't give an example of how to use the id attribute to create two unique nodes which would be displayed under the same name.

Cluster attribute 'id' in dot?

I'm playing around with a compiled javascript version of Graphviz (viz.js).

The dot language looked more web2.0 as I thought it would.
But, I was wondering why there is chosen for clusters not being able to set an 'id'?

The svg 'id' attribute is ideal for usage as a reference back to its original (non-graphvizualized (<-this should be a word :)) object.

Replace node ID with a label

I have tried out a very simple graph, with dotty.
which is as follows, I would like to know how to display some text content in these nodes in addition to the node id?

I'm trying to build s simple code flow chart from some code., so it can contain text like "a = a+1;", "print('Hello')" ; etc..

digraph G {
start -> a0;
start -> b0;
a1 -> b3;
b2 -> a3;
a3 -> a0;
a3 -> end;
b3 -> end;
start [shape=Mdiamond];
end [shape=Msquare];

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