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cgraph rendering of HTML labels

I'm working on a Qt based rendering, using library cgraph, and I'm stuck on HTML labels.

Since I installed Graphviz from source, I noticed that the include with htmllabel_t (htmltable.h) is meant to be private.
Then I tried to generate the xdot attributes, using

if (gvLayout(c.context, c.graph, QString("%1:xdot").arg(algo).toUtf8().data()) == 0)

that seems to work (no error reported), but I don't get any _draw_ or _ldraw_ attached to Agnode_t*.

I'm unable to spot in documentation how to generate such attributes.

Any help welcome.

TIA Carlo

HTML Comments changed in 2.34 versus 2.30


I used 2.30 and versions before and was able to use the following syntax:

In 2.34 this creates a segmentation fault.

In the new version I can only use this: label=>;

An also this:
Working in 2.30
label=<{Off| Entry:LED_Off();...}>

Not working anymore (segmentation fault). I have to remove the before the Off

Only this works now:

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