Node layout using html

Hi all, I'm using graphviz to draw a graph a squash players that play together. The current graph contains players photo or name whether the picture is available or not ( I would like to enhance that display using HTML in nodes to display and layout addition information (picture, name, rank, etc) and add links to let players not directly connected to contact each others.

html-like label port unrecognized

Hi, I want to connect edges to nodes' port using html-like labels, but I get warnings like below:

Warning: node o, port 0 unrecognized
Warning: node o, port 1 unrecognized
Warning: node o, port 0 unrecognized
Warning: node o, port 1 unrecognized

This is the generated png. I put the equivalent dot description in gvedit, and it works fine. So am i miss something in the c++ code?

The dot:

digraph {


large HTML labels: very slow and too much space

(As soon as I can login to the bugtracker, I'll post this issue there).

Large HTML labels (tables) have two problems:

1. Take a lot of time to generate. This command takes over 3 minutes 
> dot -Tsvg graph2.gv -o graph2.svg
Same happens for PNG and SVG output.

2. Add too much horizontal space between the columns (see graph2.svg)
This is with the latest snapshot on Windows7
> dot -V dot - graphviz version 2.31.20130602.0447 (20130602.0447)

How do I set a label to HTML using the C API

I'm writing a graphviz viewer integrated into a Qt application. How do I set the label to be HTML? I've tried things like: agset(n, "label", "<b>some bold text"</b>");

agset(n, "label", "<html><b>some bold text</b></html>");

agset(n, "label", "<some bold text>");

Help , html string

Hi, i'm a newbie. I have a problem :
i want put a string html on my ID , example :
     c [label="<a href="">hello</a>"][color=red];
this formule not work. Please help me.

unable to get HTML labels to render--am I doing this correctly?

Hello everyone, I don't know whether this is an issue with my understanding or a real issue with graphviz. I am unable to get html labels to render properly. When I have a node defined B [label="bold label"] it just appears as the text literal "bold label"

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