graphviz 2.34

error: Problems running dot: exit code=-1, command='dot'

Hi folks,

I've just updated graphviz to the latest version and not dot has stopped working. Doxygen (in my case) reports the following:

error: Problems running dot: exit code=-1, command='dot'

With the previous version I was running (2.28) all was well. Any chance of being able to download that?

Does anyone know if there is an easy fix for this, or if there's a setting somewhere which can get me up and running again? Hopefully this is just a matter of installing the the packages in the right order or something trivial like that.

Any help is welcome.

Best wishes,


Node layout using html

Hi all, I'm using graphviz to draw a graph a squash players that play together. The current graph contains players photo or name whether the picture is available or not ( I would like to enhance that display using HTML in nodes to display and layout addition information (picture, name, rank, etc) and add links to let players not directly connected to contact each others.

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