Issue with gvLayout() - Working as library

I'm sending the arguments below to the function gvLayout(gvc, g, layout).

IntPtr gvc = gvContext();


// My string containing the graph

IntPtr g = agmemread(source);

string layout = "nop";


I have imported the dlls from graphviz's folder.

I get the answer: "Error: Layout type: "nop" not recognized. Use one of:".


The int return value of gvLayout(gvc, g, layout) I get is -1 (should be 0).


How to install graphviz in a mediawiki?

I would like to use the mediawiki extension:Graphical Category Browser and therefore I have to install Graphviz.
1. Install Graphviz - Graph Visualization Software.
2. Download script and copy to extensions.
3. Correct $xyDotPath and $xyCategoriesCache to Your needs.
4. Create directory images/xyGraphvizCache
5. Add the following line to LocalSettings.php require_once("$IP/extensions/xyCategoryBrowser/xyCategoryBrowser.php");

Dynamic graph generation for a website

Is there some tutorial how to install/configure/use Graphviz for dynamic generation of graphs in a webpage?


Windows 7 graphviz not working


Graphviz conversion was working for XP but I upgraded to W7 and now getting the following error:

Warning: syntax error in line 2 near '.3'

The content of the file is:

digraph shockShockS1Callee {
ShockS1 [shape=box,style=filled,.7 .3 1.0]
Timer2_ISR -> ShockS1

Has the command syntax changed for W7?



Is it possible to use Graphviz directly with vba Ms-Access 2010?

Hi everybody,
Is it possible to use graphviz through vba code in ms-access 2010? I've tried WinGraphviz but it doesn't work.
Best regards from Brazil

Generating Hierarchical Structure

I have used your product neato to generate diagrams at run time and it works fine. I would like to generate a hierarchical structure with one of your product - to be more specific , org chart. I tried using neato but was unable to control the layout. The nodes appear randomly on a page. I need to create more controlled structure where I can place the parent node on the top the the child nodes and so on..Will it be possible to achieve this functionality in neato or and any other product?

Issue - Warning: Could not load "/usr/lib/graphviz/"

I am encountering an issue when installing graphviz. A warning message is displayed. Warning: Could not load "/usr/lib/graphviz/" - file not found. I have installed using yum and pointing at the graphviz repository.

I get the same error message when running "dot -c" at the bash prompt.

Installed Packages
graphviz.i386 2.28.0-1.el5
graphviz-gd.i386 2.28.0-1.el5
graphviz-graphs.i386 2.28.0-1.el5
graphviz-tcl.i386 2.28.0-1.el5

real time(online) graph generation

 Hi everybody,
I need to generate realtime graph in c++,is it possibe with graphviz? if so, how?
and if it is not possible to make online graph in graphviz what do you suggest that is abe of this?
thank you in advance

GraphViz on SLES 11(s390 arch) does not find pangocairo

(Might be a double post, but after posting the first time, i coudln't find it, so trying again)
I have a SLES 11(SP1) server that I am trying to install graphviz 2.28 on.  Unfortunately that is not a comman combination, so I can't just use an RPM to install it, I have to build it from source.  When doing so, when I configure it, I can't get it to recognize that pangocairo is actually installed:
I've been using:

Protege dot path problem

Graphviz for Snow Leopard installed without issue. Ditto for Protege but Protege does not recognize the path where Graphviz is installed. i.e. Applications. Any help on this would be terrific.


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