Subgraph with different rankdir

Hello community,

is it possible to change the rankdirection in various subgraphs? I' ve already tried, but it doesn't work. For example: I have levels, rooms and object in the room. I want to display the levels top to bottom (TB). A level is a subgraph whith contains various rooms, they should be arranged left to right (LR). The objects in the rooms should be arranged TB. And here is an excerpt of my code:

digraph relation {
subgraph cluster_firstlevel{rankdir=LR label="Level 1" fontname=...

How to compact a graph ?

Hi everybody. Given the following graph, circo outputs me the graphic you can see in the attachments.

digraph test {
edge [arrowhead=none,arrowtail=none]
node_l0_0 -> node_l1_0
node_l1_0 -> node_l2_0
node_l2_0 -> node_l3_0
node_l3_0 -> node_l4_0
node_l3_0 -> node_l4_1
node_l2_0 -> node_l3_1
node_l3_1 -> node_l4_2
node_l3_1 -> node_l4_3
node_l1_0 -> node_l2_1
node_l2_1 -> node_l3_2
node_l3_2 -> node_l4_4
node_l3_2 -> node_l4_5
node_l2_1 -> node_l3_3
node_l3_3 -> node_l4_6

convert a petri net in dot format to a graph in .g format

The tool uml2owfn converts activity diagram in xml format to petri net (digraph)in Graphviz dot format.The tool petrify synthesize petri nets in *.g format.How to convert the petri net from dot format to a graph in *.g format?

How to modify Graphviz to allow custom graph type?

Hello everyone,

I am pretty new to Graphviz but I think it's a great, easy to use tool for developing diagrams. However, for my purposes I will be developing the same kind of graphs (share same attributes and even some nodes) and I was wondering if there's a way to modify Graphviz to support my custom graph type. What I mean by this is that when creating a graph (as of right now), one has two options: graph or digraph. But I want to add "mygraph" as a third option supported by graphviz, so now a user has three available types of graphs: graph, digraph, and mygraph.

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