What is the coordinate transformation between the graph bb and a .png image?



libexpat is reported as containing a virus or as a security hole. Is this a real problem?

No, this is a false positive reported by various security software. See http://www.pcreview.co.uk/forums/thread-1689630.php or http://spywareblog.com/index.php/2004/11/24/is_libexpat_dll_spyware.



My browser doesn't recognize SVG.

The correct MIME type for svg images is: image/svg+xml (note "+" not "-").



I have "Font not found" errors, or text labels missing in webdot.

Firstly, recent versions of graphviz will use fontconfig if it is available on your platform. With fontconfig, this error should not occur, so you may want to see if an upgrade to graphviz is available, or if a rebuild will add fontconfig support.

If fontconfig is not available then graphviz tries to resolve fontnames to fontpaths itself, and uses DOTFONTPATH (or GDFONTPATH) to indicate where it should look.



Webdot doesn't work.

We assume you're using Apache and have TCL installed. If you don't, it's probably better to just use the webdot perl script.

To debug webdot, first test whether tclsh can load the Tcldot shared library. Try:

  • $ tclsh
    % load $prefix/lib/graphviz/tcl/libtcldot.so.0



Neato has unnecessary edge crossings, or has missed an obvious chance to make a much nicer layout.



Twopi runs forever on a certain example.

Is your graph is large (many thousands of edges), and did you set

  • splines=true

? It takes a lot of cycles to fit all those splines!

GraphvizWiki: FaqRuntimeTwopi (last edited 2008-01-17 18:24:15 by H-135-207-131-158)



Dot runs forever on a certain example.

Try dot -v to observe its progress.

Note that it's possible to make graphs whose layout or even parsing is quadratic in the input size. For example, in dot,

  • digraph G {
    • a -> b -> c -> .... -> x -> y -> z
      a -> z
      b -> z
      c -> z
      /* and so on... */



Edge label placement in neato is bad.

Difficult problem. We're working on it. If anyone has some general label placement code (e.g. a simulated annealer based on the Marks et al. technique in Graphics Gems IV), please get in touch.

GraphvizWiki: FaqEdgeLabelPlace (last edited 2008-01-17 18:21:24 by H-135-207-131-158)



Neato runs forever on a certain example.

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