sfdp label_scheme example?

Is there a simple code snippet/graph available for demonstrating the sfdp label_scheme implementation:

I have tried to interpret |edgelabel|* with no success.

"...The value indicates whether to treat a node whose name has the form |edgelabel|* ..."

say a graph is in the format (duplication is intended):

graph G {
graph [label_scheme=1];
"A_1" -- "B_1" [label="test01"]
"B_1" -- "C_1" [label="test02"]
"B_1" -- "C_1" [label="test03"]
"C_1" -- "A_1" [label="test04"]
A_1 [label="A"]
B_1 [label="B"]
C_1 [label="C"]

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