Allow overlapping of edges

Hi, I would like to create a graph like this:


You could see that edges are forced to be overlapped. 

But whatever I try, I get this rendering:


Is there anyway to force the edge overlap ? 



Icons along edge?

Is it possible to display an icon along an edge?

Edge labels below the edge

Hi all, is it possible in graphs an edge label below the edge as well as above it?
Like this: http://people.engr.ncsu.edu/efg/210/s99/Notes/fsm/horner.gif

My objective is to have the edge label above state a condition, and the label below an action.

I tried using xlabel, but the placement and overlapping is not as I intended (tried to correct it though, bu without luck).

Thank you for any help.

rendering of edges


Is it possible to specifiy the rendering of edges in a way that the edges contains a square (which may contain labels, weights and other values)? A sample pichture (as svg) is attached (the graph's nodes are depicted by black circles).

Kind regards Stefans

Splines on edges are not complete?

I'm using graphviz to format a graph inside of an application using the neato engine. When drawing the edges in the graphs using the data from ED_spl, the splines do not reach all the way between the two nodes that they connected. Is spl all there is to an edge's path or am I missing something (looking at the edge_t structures I have in gdb shows that there's not much else). I'm using version 2.26.3.

Node Separation by Edge weight or length Attribute

Hi :
I'm using graphviz for showing connectivity between nodes. Each pair of nodes has a specific weight corresponds to their similarity. To my knowledge, neato admits user to specify weight or len attribute on each edge for its length. And I've tried to map similarity of each pair of nodes to corresponding weight or len attribute for each connecting edge.

Is it possible to draw edges behind the nodes?

 I am creating a graph with lots of edges... Edges are less important, and it is enough to see approximate the number of them or their density.
I do not want to see them in front of node. eg... they should be rendered first (or behind) nodes. Is it possible?

[dot] edge bend outside, not inside

Hi @all,

I have troble with the graph at the end of this post. There is an overlapping edge (the last colored one) which could be avoided easily.

How can I tell DOT to prefere drawing edges (nodes are in one line) below (without ports)?

Required is:
- no use of ports (e.g. "s" in this example)
- usage of the shown rank=same

Doesn't matter if:
- edges have to increase the size of the image (would be the case in my example)

Edge problems

I want to do something like the red mark in this pic. its possible? Thx

Edge Problems

i want to do something like the red mark in this pic. its possible? http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/200/edgeexample.png/ thx

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