Custom shapes and fixed connection locations

I am trying to use Graphviz to create images of simple logic circuits using the standard inverters, two-input AND/OR gates.

I have written it as a simple directed graph with rankdir=LR (because that's what I want) and I'm using the image attribute.

I created PNGs for the 3 types of gates such that the port connections are symmetrical. For instance,
Inverter = input connection is exactly half distance between the top and bottom
Two-input gates = inputs are at the 0.25 and 0.75 points.
And for all three gates the single output is exactly half distance between top and bottom.

Limiting number of nodes in a row

Is there any way to limit the number of nodes in a row in dot? For example, I have 100 nodes and I want to limit it to 5 nodes per row so the result will contain 20 rows.


I've been generating a graph with subgraphs using gv_python. However, the bounding box and the label of the subgraph does not appear. Anyone who has an idea? This is the .dot file generated.
digraph "6866-dev_all" {
node [label="\N"];
graph [fontname=helvetica,

Generating large graphs with dot

I'm having some problems with generating a large graph. It has 5k nodes and 7k edges. The svg file produced does not render the graph correctly. The labels are overlapping each other. The labels are over each other. It looks like a big mess. Any one who has an idea on how to solve this problem?

Generating images with dot file


I'm trying to generate a png image out of a dot file but the command returns a segmentation fault. This is a large graph, a graph containing about 2k+ nodes. Any ideas on how to solve this?

Trouble with neato in Graphviz GUI

I am new to Graphviz. I am running the GUI version of the program on my mac laptop.

I am trying to draw a complete graph in NEATO, and I want to be able to define the distance between nodes. I am therefore using the mds model. My small "test block" is printed below this message.

Problem is, the distances in the final graph are all equal, despite the "len" variable and the mds model. Possibly the GUI is trying to draw this as a DOT graph instead of a NEATO? How do I tell the GUI program I want a NEATO format?

Or am I way off?

Any help is much appreciated.

graph G {

DOT file with 1000+ nodes renders blank file

Having trouble with a graph that contains 1000+ nodes. For some reason, no matter what format it is rendered to, it comes out completely blank. Trying to have the graph rendered with the following:

in file:
strict digraph G {

in cmd:
dot -Goverlap_scaling=-10 -Goverlap=prism -Tpdf > sample.pdf

Any help would be appreciated, thanks

drawing large graphs

I am new to graphviz -- I am drawing a large graph (~15K vertices, ~25K edges) using sfdp. If I simply run sfdp it produces a drawing with very large ellipses used to represent vertices (and with the vertex names inside). Instead, I want to get the nodes drawn as really small circles, or even dots. Can somebody point me in the right direction (in particular, provide an example of the syntax used to achieve this). Thanks in advance.

How to force edge ports to be different

Hi all,

I am writing a utility to take the output from a freeware profiler (Sleepy) and to convert it to input for dot, so I can get a visual comparison of runs of my program.

On the whole it seems to be working, but I have a list of things I'd like to be able to do that I can't immediately see how. I've googled around and read the FAQ and couldn't see answers to these, but please bear with me if there is something I've missed.

Graphviz Demo

[graphviz] digraph G { subgraph cluster_small { a -> b; label=small; } subgraph cluster_big { p -> q -> r -> s -> t; label=big; t -> p; } t -> a; b -> q; } [/graphviz]

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