Display of Very Large/Wide Graph


I'm dealing with a graphics hierarchy (SceneGraphs), and I want to display it.
I've already figured out how to get the code to automatically generate; displaying is my main issue.

I recently output the graph using size = "400,100"; I ran the program with the following: dot -Tgif graph1.sfdp -o graph1.gif
The reason I used .sfdp is because I heard it could handle thousands even millions of nodes. I believe I've only got around a 1000 edges, and less nodes, but it's just very wide. Using a .dot file gave the same results.

Arrange nodes from left to right in my own order

I have a certain dot file (simplified to very simple barebones from a very big file) like the following,

graph "G" {
node [shape=plaintext,fontsize=24,fontname=Helvetica];
ratio = 0.6;
margin = 0.0;

E1 [label = "E"]
E2 [label = "E"]

T4 [label = "T"]
P2 [label = "+"]

E1 -- E2; E1 -- T4; E1 -- P2;


The problem is in the leaf level, I am getting the nodes in the order, E T + (please see the attached image)

I want this to be E + T

Could you please tell me how to achieve this?


Limits to graph coordinates

Hi guys,

I'm using grappa and graphviz dot to generate new graphs.

The dot does a great job putting the nodes in the right place but now, I need to create limits in the coordinates generated.

For example it places the nodes in coordinates like (0,0), (450,200)...

I want is dot places nodes in the coordinate range (-180,-90)(180,90)

It is possible in attributes give this range to Dot?

Best regards

Issue - Warning: Could not load "/usr/lib/graphviz/"

I am encountering an issue when installing graphviz. A warning message is displayed. Warning: Could not load "/usr/lib/graphviz/" - file not found. I have installed using yum and pointing at the graphviz repository.

I get the same error message when running "dot -c" at the bash prompt.

Installed Packages
graphviz.i386 2.28.0-1.el5
graphviz-gd.i386 2.28.0-1.el5
graphviz-graphs.i386 2.28.0-1.el5
graphviz-tcl.i386 2.28.0-1.el5

Absolute position of title block?

For a neater presentation and easier understanding of a dot output graph, I am including a title node (with time/date information on when the graph was created, etc.) which is unconnected with the rest of my graph. However, this title node is just near the top center of my output sitting near my first node, and I would like to specify an absolute location for it, if possible. Ideally I'd like to be able to locate it in the top right (or bottom right) of the rectangular area covered by my graph.

Is this possible?

Thanks in advance!

Unable to use dot layout (graphviz as a library)

I use graphviz (v2.28.0) as a library in a C++ application and I would like to render graphs using the dot layout. Everything works fine until I call the gvLayout(_context, _graph, "dot"); function which outputs the following error :

Generate a directory tree with dot

I want to generate a simple directory tree, but i can not move the nodes under there root nodes.
This is what I get (Tree with Graphviz):

This is what I want (Tree with Paint):

"dot" with fixed node locations

Hi, I'm trying to use dot as the backend for an interactive dependency graph editor.
I'd like to allow the user to move nodes around manually, and then update the edges nicely. My thought was to let dot do 'initial' and 'automated' layouts, and have neato do 'pretty' edge routing when the user moves things around manually in the process of connecting them up (if you're putting 100 nodes in order, it's real disconcerting of everything moves around every time you add an edge).

Making graph human friendly/readable (500 nodes, 1600 edges)

# First time posting, sorry if this is double-post! 
I have decided to lear DOT language, which looks fantastic. I decided to make a project for making a graph for RPM building. I scan all the recipes to build RPM packages and also add information about required patches and imports. Currently my graph has <500 nodes and >1600, and the size should be stable +/- 50-100 nodes/edges from time to time.
Here is what I have now:
* (sfdp)

dot digraph length

Any way to force generated graph to a fixed size? I've tried with the "lheight" option, without result.

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