How to Force layering in DOT?

Hi, I am trying to organize blocks on following layers: Web Layer and Integration Layer first Services Layer second Data Layer third I am using below dot file. As you can see I have layers 'overlapped'. How I should achieve above order? Thanks, Aleks

digraph { node[ shape=box; ];

dot file created from schemaspy wont render

I have been using dot in conjunction with schemaspy to create database relationship diagrams.
dot is hanging on some diagrams. I have looked at a number of diagrams and cannot see any obvious differences.
I have run dot from the command line to see if I get any messages etc by using the -q flag but I get no further clues.
Is there a way of identifying what is cause dot to hang/spin etc!!
Below is my latest test
Thanks for any advice

Steve M

C:\Program Files (x86)\Graphviz2.31\bin>dot -v -Tpng -O -q3
dot - graphviz version 2.31.20130320.0445 (20130320.0445)

Edge between rows in record overlaps entire record

Attached is my code (record_upload.txt) and the output (record_upload.png). The line from 130853 to 130843 overlaps the entire "function2" node. How can I prevent it from doing this?

simple graph worked in 2.29 but not since 2.30


I installed release 2.30 a few days ago and I juste isalled 2.31.20130218.

The following simple exemple is not renderred whereas it was with a old 2.29 I installed 1 year ago:

digraph "test " {
subgraph "cluster_2" {
subgraph "cluster_5" {
3 -> 6
3 -> 4
3 -> 6
4 -> 6

Note that it works if interverting 3 -> 4 and 3 -> 6...
Very strange, and not very cool as it worked with a previous version.

Do I need to open a bug or is this a known issue ?


Cluster attribute 'id' in dot?

I'm playing around with a compiled javascript version of Graphviz (viz.js).

The dot language looked more web2.0 as I thought it would.
But, I was wondering why there is chosen for clusters not being able to set an 'id'?

The svg 'id' attribute is ideal for usage as a reference back to its original (non-graphvizualized (<-this should be a word :)) object.

different ports are located exactly at the same place

Hi, Within the following example, I am enable to distinguish port1 and port2. digraph "test"{ node [shape=rect margin=0.2]; A->B [sametail=port1] A->C [sametail=port1] B->A [samehead=port2] C->A [sametail=port2] } Any Idea ? Thanks.

Subgraph with different rankdir

Hello community,

is it possible to change the rankdirection in various subgraphs? I' ve already tried, but it doesn't work. For example: I have levels, rooms and object in the room. I want to display the levels top to bottom (TB). A level is a subgraph whith contains various rooms, they should be arranged left to right (LR). The objects in the rooms should be arranged TB. And here is an excerpt of my code:

digraph relation {
subgraph cluster_firstlevel{rankdir=LR label="Level 1" fontname=...

charset problem with graphviz windows version

I have created a graphviz file from which I create a PDF, with the following command:
dot <inputfile> -T pdf -o <outputfile>
If I create my PDF everything looks fine but if I send this PDF to a Postscript
printer the characters inside the Graph are replaced, for example window by iiiiiii.
Also if I open the PDF under linux the character set is wrong.
I saved my graphviz file as an UFT8 file and set the fontname:
If I use the same file under linux this problem do not occur.

Is there a limit for sametail definitions number in DOT ?

could someone find out why the following example produces an error with dot, whereas it works fine when removing the last line (or replace T6 with T5, for example)?
digraph "test" {
Node0 -> Node1 [sametail=T1];
Node0 -> Node1 [sametail=T2];
Node0 -> Node1 [sametail=T3];
Node0 -> Node1 [sametail=T4];
Node0 -> Node1 [sametail=T5];
Node0 -> Node1 [sametail=T6];
Thank you !

Limit for sametail/samehead definitions number in DOT ?


I tried to draw hierarchical graphs with dot, involving a limited number of nodes (about 30), but with more than 100 edges and, especially, many edges having to start from same points. So I used "sametail" attribute, but got an error at generation.
Looking for the reason of the failure, I noticed that I got the error if more than 14 "sametail" and/or "samehead" attributes are defined in the dot file I am defining (it works fine with 13 "sametail" definitions, but not over).

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