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How to generate diagrams using Graphviz and Doxygen.

I have installed Doxygen for matlab code structure analysis for that I want to generate some UML digrams from the Doxygen,so that I have additionally installed the tool called Graphviz 2.28 but I dont know, using this tool how to generate the graph How should I connect Graphviz to Deoxygen? somebody please guide me to achive this result...

Note :
1. I have generated a html document by loading my matlab code into doxygen?

New GVEdit released

We finally released the QT version of GVEdit for Windows(as of 2011.3.15) which should address most of the gvedit related bugs that have been piling up for a while. The new GVedit is designed to be OS independent and will be included in *nix and Mac releases as well. Those who don't know about GVEdit may have a look at its help page at Some of the highlights of new GVEdit -UTF-8 support -File size limitations are gone -Doesn't depend on shell calls to create graphs.

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