C and Graphviz

I'm working on a fuzzy pattern recognition system where, fuzzy relations, are represented by matrices.

We can look at such fuzzy matrices as adjacency matrices for directed graphs.

What I need to do is to draw the digraph related to a particular fuzzy matrix.

Is is possible to do this directly from my C code ?

Thank you in advance.

dot digraph length

Any way to force generated graph to a fixed size? I've tried with the "lheight" option, without result.

convert a petri net in dot format to a graph in .g format

The tool uml2owfn converts activity diagram in xml format to petri net (digraph)in Graphviz dot format.The tool petrify synthesize petri nets in *.g format.How to convert the petri net from dot format to a graph in *.g format?

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