circo missing in graphviz-2.31.20130220 MSI

I installed via the instructions on the Windows install page (also 2.30 stable) from the msi, and I notices that circo isn't in the bin directory in either install.

I've double-checked and have found circogen in the C:\Program Files\Graphviz2.31\lib\release\lib, but no circo.exe.
I've seen nothing in the bug reports to indicate this is a bug.

Is this on purpose?

Kind regards,
artie effim

How to compact a graph ?

Hi everybody. Given the following graph, circo outputs me the graphic you can see in the attachments.

digraph test {
edge [arrowhead=none,arrowtail=none]
node_l0_0 -> node_l1_0
node_l1_0 -> node_l2_0
node_l2_0 -> node_l3_0
node_l3_0 -> node_l4_0
node_l3_0 -> node_l4_1
node_l2_0 -> node_l3_1
node_l3_1 -> node_l4_2
node_l3_1 -> node_l4_3
node_l1_0 -> node_l2_1
node_l2_1 -> node_l3_2
node_l3_2 -> node_l4_4
node_l3_2 -> node_l4_5
node_l2_1 -> node_l3_3
node_l3_3 -> node_l4_6

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