Unable to build Graphviz on RHEL6

I am noob on Linux.
I have requirement to build graphviz from source on RHEL6 64-bit system.
But facing issue, this is what I have done so far:

1. downloaded source from
2. installed automake, autoconf, gcc-c++ using YUM

I navigated to dir.


-> it almost ran for a minute dumping lot of text, but ultimately seem to be have completed with success.
then I ran


-> this gives error "Cannot find install-sh,, or shtool in ac-aux"

Bundling GraphViz within JAVA Codebase

My requirement! Pls let me know if this is possible

Bundling GraphViz in JAVA Codebase

I want to use Graphviz in my Java application. Unfortunately, sys admins don't allow me to install Graphviz on RHEL server, but they are okay with me bundling Graphviz within my source.

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