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DOT file with 1000+ nodes renders blank file

Having trouble with a graph that contains 1000+ nodes. For some reason, no matter what format it is rendered to, it comes out completely blank. Trying to have the graph rendered with the following:

in file:
strict digraph G {

in cmd:
dot -Goverlap_scaling=-10 -Goverlap=prism -Tpdf sample.dot > sample.pdf

Any help would be appreciated, thanks

drawing large graphs

I am new to graphviz -- I am drawing a large graph (~15K vertices, ~25K edges) using sfdp. If I simply run sfdp it produces a drawing with very large ellipses used to represent vertices (and with the vertex names inside). Instead, I want to get the nodes drawn as really small circles, or even dots. Can somebody point me in the right direction (in particular, provide an example of the syntax used to achieve this). Thanks in advance.

Graph with a particular central node

Hi All,

I am very new to graphviz and looking into its documentation. I've been playing with the fdp and sfdp algorithm with weighted edges to layout graph data.

I want to know is it possible to nominate a node to be the centre of the graph and have the layout chose the distance of near by nodes to be directly proportional to the strength of the edge weight. The more two nodes correlate, the closer together they are.

I dont want to use twopi as it won't take into account edge weights, is there any way I can achieve the above mentioned result?
Any help is appreciated.


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