Filter for drawing undirected graphs.

hybrid layout with clusters

I am clusters but would like to use neato layout withing the cluster and dot layout between the clusters.
Is it possible to do this, and if it is not possible directly might there be a workaround.


Overlapping clusters

i'm using graphviz to represent ip network maps. My networks are divided in geographical areas which I represent by clusters. When using neato to represent my network, clusters are overlapping, which I don't want (ideally). I don't have this problem using dot.

How can I prevent my clusters from overlapping?


PS: I have about 50 nodes, and a few nodes belong to several clusters.

Trouble with neato in Graphviz GUI

I am new to Graphviz. I am running the GUI version of the program on my mac laptop.

I am trying to draw a complete graph in NEATO, and I want to be able to define the distance between nodes. I am therefore using the mds model. My small "test block" is printed below this message.

Problem is, the distances in the final graph are all equal, despite the "len" variable and the mds model. Possibly the GUI is trying to draw this as a DOT graph instead of a NEATO? How do I tell the GUI program I want a NEATO format?

Or am I way off?

Any help is much appreciated.

graph G {

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