Filter for drawing undirected graphs.

neato “failure to create cairo surface”

I am receiving this error:

>neato -Tgif -o house2.gif -Tdot -o
neato: failure to create cairo surface: out of memory

>neato -V
neato - graphviz version 2.30.1 (20130214.1330)

I have lots of memory - about 5Gigs free

Here is

graph g {
node [shape=box]
north [ pos = "286.0,370.0!" ];
Vestibulo -- Escalera
Sala -- Vestibulo
Comedor -- Sala
CocServ -- Comedor
DormP -- BanoP
DormH -- Bano
Sala -- Bano
Sala -- DormP
CocServ -- north

If I unpin the 'north' node then neato completes without error - but North is not located where I want it.

Memory leek or missing some dispose function?

Hi, I made program to calculate node position for topology running the graphviz using dll import in C#. I try to test this code if I hadn't memory leek in unmanaged code. And I have unclear results. I run function to calculate topology 2060 times with 4 different topology (topology with 1000,300, 12 and 10 nodes). Test environment
• Window 7 enterprice 32 bitowy
• RAM 3.25 GB
• Processor Intel Core 2 Duo E8200 2.66 GHz
• Microsoft .NET Freamework 4 version 4.0.303019
• The test program was only program run on this computer

GraphViz missing function ‘agmemread’ in cgraph.dll

Hi I have been implementing calculating graph layout in my company. I’ve implement it with using “neato.exe” and intermediate file to pass data to system process, and it working fine. Now I’m trying to do the same without passing data using intermediate file. I found this document .
I want to do similar thing but in VS2010.
Importing file from dll

class GraphvizDllImport
public const string LIB_GRAPH = @"cgraph.dll";
public static extern IntPtr agmemread(string data);

Rockledge Lineage Tree

 * Project started Spring 2009 by Jason Warner '09
 * -This file is written in the DOT language and can be compiled using software called Graphviz, available free online, using the setting "Layout Engine: dot". Other settings produce strange graphs.
 * -Keep track of each pledge class by the semester they pledged, not their graduating year.

gvLayout throwing a segmentation fault

Hi, I am getting a segmentation fault after running this small piece of code. Hope someone can help me. Unfortunately, I did not find any debugging symbols to see where gvLayout was failing:
Agraph_t * graph = agread(in_file, NULL);
GVC_t * gvc;
gvc = gvContext();
gvLayout(gvc, graph, "neato");

I have attached the file from which I read the graph. Thanks in advance

Wedges and stripped styles for nodes

Hi everyone,

I got some issues using the style "wedged" and "stripped" for graph nodes. I want to use these styles in order to color a single node with multiple colors, using a color list. The following code should work :


graph g{


However, it doesn't. The compiler sends an error message : "Warning: gvrender_set_style: unsupported style wedged - ignoring". I'm using neato to render my graph under PDF format, under ubuntu 11.04 (I know, it's old) and GraphViz 2.26.3.

Generating Hierarchical Structure

I have used your product neato to generate diagrams at run time and it works fine. I would like to generate a hierarchical structure with one of your product - to be more specific , org chart. I tried using neato but was unable to control the layout. The nodes appear randomly on a page. I need to create more controlled structure where I can place the parent node on the top the the child nodes and so on..Will it be possible to achieve this functionality in neato or and any other product?

Pinning only y-axis of a node?


I need to have same nodes on same level on the picture, is there any way to pin only y-axis (or x-axis) of a node? A "pos" attribute can only pin node to exact position, but that is not exactly what I want.

thank you!


Help formatting the graph layout

I am trying to display a graph which is actually a representation of a raster or uniform grid. So I need the edges to be straight and the graph to look like a mesh/grid really. At the moment I am getting a compact format but not as intuitive as having a nice straightforward grid format. Can someone please help?
Attached are the svg/pdf and dot .

Problems with neato when implementing geographical coordinate assignment

Dear all,
I am trying to make a graph to put on the picture of European Map (1600x1200.png). I use neato form a graph
I looked at the coordinates on MS paint. I am aware that, mspaint uses its left top center for 0,0 (pixel) - neato uses its left bottom center for 0,0 (pixel). I modified my code (which forms the dot file) to change the y axis.
I get my graph information from the database and form the dot file by the code.
The problems are:

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