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Neato vs graphviz

I can't find the difference between Neato and Graphviz.
If I download and install Graphviz, does that include Neato?
I installed a product that needs Neato. I installed Graphviz. But the requesting software seems to be looking for a neato directory. I can't find a download for Neato. If i need a secret club ring, please let me know where to buy one. Oh, the pains of boutique tech products that spray confusion in the air.

Remove white space around graph


i'm using graphviz for the first time. How can I remove the white space around the graph in the output image (format png)? (the graph is in the lower left corner and the remaining 90% of the image is just white)

My command is:
neato -Tps -o out.png

Thanks in advance

neato not found

I installed graphviz in redhat linux machine using yum commaind:

yum install --skip-broken <graphviz> 

and also installed supporting package gts. but while running my ksh files, i am getting this error: neato command not found

and no such file exists

please help me.




neato not found

I have installed graphviz in redhat linux machine using yum command:
yum install --skip-broken graphviz-2.34.0-1.el6.x86_64.rpm
and i have installed some supporting package like gts using: yum install gts-0.7.6-14.el6.x86_64
But while running command like neato -T$graphic $fabric from my ksh scripts,
iam getting this error:
neato command not found and No such file exists error

But i installed graphviz here. But i can't see the exact path where it has installed.
Please help me.


Unable to set min distance between node

hi, I have the following problem : I am trying to generate a graph showing the connexions between processes on my server. here is the result (this one is using sfdp) :   as you can see, there is a high concentration of edges around the center. In order to have a graph that is more easy to read, I am trying to set a minimum distance between two nodes, but I can't seem to make it work : I tried using fdp/sfdp and playing with the K instruction, I also tried using neato and playing with the edge len, but I don't see any change would you have any tip I could use ?

Importing variables

I'm trying to control edge lengths in neato. Is it possible to import variables into a graph?
Ideally I would import a vector/array at the start eg "edges" and use it to describe the edge lengths . Something like:
import "edges"
n1 -- n2 [w=1 len=edges[1]].
Is this possible in the DOT language?

3d neato graph layout

I'm trying to create a 3d surface using neato. The only information I can find says it is possible but does not explain how to do it. Has anyone done it and if so could they walk me through it?
Currently only getting 2d outputs even though dim=3 has been set.

Run neato command line Hang no result - graphviz 2.26.3-14ubuntu1 On Ubuntu 13.04

run neato in command line > just resulted hanged cursor and no result ?

Ubuntu 13.04 with graphviz 2.26.3-14 ....

Thank You for any input and suggestion.


Using neato -n2 with attr pos already set.

I would like to use multiple splines in my graph. All weight=2 edge that of course belongs to the tree must use the default splines. The other edges (weight=1) must use splines=ortho. This is how I proceeded to accomplish this kind of graph:

1) Write mindmap-tree2.txt normally to obtain the default splines edges.
2) $ dot mindmap-tree2.txt > mindmap-tree2-semi.txt # to get all the positions.
3a) In mindmap-tree2-semi.txt:
3a.1) Remove the positions of edges that does not belong in the tree:
A_3_1_4 -> A_1_4
A_3_1_5 -> A_1_3

C and Graphviz

I'm working on a fuzzy pattern recognition system where, fuzzy relations, are represented by matrices.

We can look at such fuzzy matrices as adjacency matrices for directed graphs.

What I need to do is to draw the digraph related to a particular fuzzy matrix.

Is is possible to do this directly from my C code ?

Thank you in advance.

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