Filter for drawing directed graphs.

How to specify the thickness of edges ?

I'd like the set the thickness of dot file, but could not find the attribute. Anyone know that ? Thanks

How to make GraphVis optimize graph like the following

I have a msc like graph like below example where dot aparently make non optimal layout
is there a way to optimize this without manualy inverting some of the edges?
By optimize I mean make callA appear callB in stead of below (Obvious what was intended
but also seems to be most optimal for shortest edges but somehow dot get confused)

node[shape=point label=""]

Determining Bezier splines that are part of a concentrated edge in attributed dot

My attributed dot files are generated with concentrate=true so each Bezier spline is only listed in one edge, even though it might be logically part of many edges.

Is there any way to determine from an attributed dot file which Bezier splines belong to a certain edge?

How to Force layering in DOT?

Hi, I am trying to organize blocks on following layers: Web Layer and Integration Layer first Services Layer second Data Layer third I am using below dot file. As you can see I have layers 'overlapped'. How I should achieve above order? Thanks, Aleks

digraph { node[ shape=box; ];

dot provides error "Format: "pdf" not recognized. Use one of :"

dot provides error "Format: "pdf" not recognized. Use one of :"

I installed the product and I can't get a graph. I also couldn't find technical information on what I was doing wrong.

Use the PORT attribute of a <TD> in "record" shape nodes

It would be great if you help me
I need to connect Table1.Field1 with Table2.Foield2
This is me .gv

digraph test {
node [margin="0.01"];

"Table1" [ style = "filled, bold" penwidth = 5 fillcolor = "white" fontname = "Courier New"
shape = "Mrecord" label =<




> ];

Modifyingnode position with mouse

Hi !
I would like to know if it's possible to modify the graph generated by Graphviz with the mouse. I would like to know if it exists a format which allows modifying the graph by clicking and moving a node with the mouse for example.

How to install graphviz on windows 7. i cant find the set-up file.

I have downloaded this file "graphviz-2.30.1" but i can't find the setup file.
Please advise.

Embed http image

Hi all,
I'm trying to insert an image in a node, but when I execute dot I get this error:
Warning: Invalid argument while opening
Warning: No or improper image="" for node "b"

The dot source is this:
digraph legend {
a [image="d:\temp\out.gif"]
b [image=""]

In the resulting graph I see the node with the local image correctly, but the 'b' node doesn't have any image.

I'm behind a proxy, but I don't think this is the problem.

Embed a image on the web

I wanted to add an image that resides in the web to a node, but when I try to create my svg image dot says that:
Warning: Invalid argument while opening
Warning: No or improper image="" for node "imgnode"

This is my dot source file:
digraph G {
imgnode[image="", label=""];
imgnode2[image="D:\temp\out.gif", label=""];

The imgnode2 display the image correctly.

I'm behind a proxy, is it possible that this is the problem?

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