Filter for drawing directed graphs.

HTML-like label in dot

I am new to this feild. could anyone give an example of HTML-like label in .dot file.

if i want to veiw this graph what output format would better.


unable to open .dot file

Hi, I'm a newbie, and have been looking around for a solution to this problem, but so far no luck. Any help is greatly appreciated! I downloaded and installed Graphviz for MountainLion, and everything seemed to have gone without problems. However, every time I try to open a .dot file, I receive the message : "Unable to open the document "" . Any suggestions? Thanks for your help!

Allow overlapping of edges

Hi, I would like to create a graph like this: 

You could see that edges are forced to be overlapped. 

But whatever I try, I get this rendering:

Is there anyway to force the edge overlap ? 



how to form a pyramid-like layout

Hi guys, I am a new beginner for Graphviz. And i need to generate a triangle layout like a pyramid. Although i tuned a number of parameters for nodes, edges, graphs (e.g., rank, nodesep, minlen, ...), it just did not work in Graphviz as it is now in a "sparse" shape. Could you please give me some ideas how to produce a triangle layout based on the following example? Thank you in advance!

digraph G {


b->a c->a d->b e->b g->c h1->d h2->d h3->e h7->g



Graphviz crashes with large graph

Graphviz crashes with large graphs. I think this is a bug, because I think it should either work or fail with a meaningful message, not crash and bring down my application.

Should I report the problem in the issue tracker?

Here is the dot:

digraph G {
node [fontsize=8,fontname=arial];
X191428X [label="2D Profile (396)\nProfile"];
X192464X [label="Through Slot (399)\nFeature (sweep&boolean)"];
X192773X [label="Offset Faces (400)\nHEtype 1106"];
X184228X [label="2D Profile (369)\nProfile"];

How to create a automatic graph

I am new to this graphviz. Can anybody help me to create a automatic graph using the code (java)? It would be more helpful when somebody gives a small example



A sample glycan pathway

(dot within dot) Thanks again. yada yada yada yada yada (10 words :-)

Two-tone nodes

Nice erg, thanks.

I'll post a Glycan pathway once I have regenerated all
the sugars again with the latest dot.

Cheers, Ian.

Syntax Problem

I download the for window7,And after execute the dot.exe to go into the CMD and then input "dot -T png > te.png".
there is a error "Warning::1:syntax error in line 1 near 'dot'"
I am a fresher, maybe this is a stupid problem...


Rank between cluster


Is it possible to have 2 nodes from different cluster to be ranked ?

here an example :

digraph G {

subgraph cluster_TIME {
00 [label="Minuit"];
12 [label="Midi"];
24 [label="Minuit +1"];
label = "MDS";
00 -> 03 -> 06 -> 09 -> 12 -> 15 -> 18 -> 21 -> 24;

subgraph cluster_MDS {
DayStart [style=filled,color=green];

a1 [style=filled,color=green];
a2 [style=filled,color=blue];
a3 [style=filled,color=red];
p1 [style=filled,color=blue,shape=diamond,label="price fe1"];

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