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How to convert B-Spline to Bezier

This is plain text generated by dot

---------- code -----------

graph 1 0.75 1.5
node n 0.375 1.25 0.75 0.5 n solid ellipse red red
node m 0.375 0.25 0.75 0.5 m solid ellipse black lightgrey
edge n m 4 0.375 0.99579 0.375 0.88865 0.375 0.7599 0.375 0.64045 solid black

---------- end ------------

The curve format is given in B-Spline, but I need convert it to Bezier curve (Because no support B-Spline). How to do?

Distribute only dot processor


We are using dot from command line to generate graphs on Windows 7. The graphs we are working are precedence graphs and are always directed graphs.
What are files that should be included in the distribution of dot? Dlls, fonts etc. that would allow us to generate plain, png and ps outputs.

Suggestions please.


How to generate graph using php?

On the web, there are already some plugins available to integrate GraphViz with WordPress. However, they all require an installation of some .dot executable on the web server host. My hosting provider refuses to install additional packages, what I can understand from a security and stability view.

Still, I would like to show GraphViz rendered dot images on my site.

Any suggestions on how to integrate the dot renderer with a php environment?

Fixed node positions in cgraph

I'm using Graphviz and cgraph to layout some graphs and, for some cases, I already know the positions I want my nodes to be at (as they form a subgraph of a bigger graph).

Using the dot command line tool, you can add the -Knop layout option, but if try gvLayout(context, graph, "nop") in my code, or call gvParseArgs for dot -Knop arguments, the resulting graph has no edge routing, even though I have agset(graph, (char*)"splines", (char*)"true") in my code.

Vertical text

Hi All,

I'm a newer for graphviz. I want to draw a graph about large amount of IO cards with it's device name.

I would like HTML-like labels, but in node the text display horizontally that causes the graph very large.

Can I place the text in verical mode?

Thanks for all your help!

Graphviz on virtual machine


I have installed Graphviz on my Virtual Machine Windows XP.
I could not open gvedit nor perform a command line execution.
It says the program cant be executed.
I set the environment variable PATH to C:\Programme\Graphviz2.32\bin
also tried setting the same using command line as
set PATH=%PATH%;C:\Programme\Graphviz2.32\bin
Still it doesnt work. Can anyone help me sort out this issue...
Thanks in advance.


Graphspe resource not working

Hi I have been using the graphspe resource mentioned in the resource list on your site, however it seems not to be working.
The site says domain does not exist, can you let us know an alternative


subtree of a given graph

I've got a large graph and I want to extract all the descendant nodes of a particular node into a separate graph. It's the reverse of prune.

This should be a common task but I've yet to find instructions on how to do it.

What is the best way to do this?

active hidden information when mouse on the node or edge.

I want to know how we get the hidden information when click the nodes or edges ,like the GPS.

Custom Shapes with tcldot: No loadimage plugin for "png:tk"

Hi everybody!

I'm trying to create a graph with custom shapes. I'm using tcldot on a Ubuntu machine, so I'm using package: libgv-tcl Version: 2.26.3-10ubuntu1.
I've got a problem with adding a node with my custom shape using a statement like this with role.png in the same folder like the script:
set node [$g addnode $name label $name shape custom shapefile role.png fontname helvetica]
$g addnode $node
I'm getting an error like this:
Warning: No loadimage plugin for "png:tk"
and standard box nodes appear in my graph.

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