Filter for drawing directed graphs.

problem with in-nodes images and custom output dpi

I need to create a graph with images inside nodes (without labels). It works with the default output DPI, but then the whole output is very pixelated (png output). When I increase the output dpi (either using the graph property, or on the command line), the images do not scale with the rest of the graph, i.e. they become larger than the nodes, ruining the result.

This seems to be a known bug (bug nr. 0000598 and 0001910), but since it has been open since 2006 it looks like nobody cares..

So, what I want to ask is if someone could suggest some workaround?

Dot segmentation faults in Windows

This one took me awhile to track down, but the attached file (in .dot format) crashes in Windows. I am using gvedit 2.34 (msi installer, downloaded today), Windows 7, 64 bit.

I tried to post this to your bug tracker but I couldn't see where to register... unless registering for these forums did it automatically. If so, whoops!

Rank between cluster


i use dot to draw a structure for my program. i want "loader module" cluster more closer in vertical. 

digraph infterface  {
labelloc = true;
node [shape="record", color="skyblue"];
edge [style="dashed", color="gray"];

Dot goes grazy using subgraphs

I have some weird behaviour using subgraphs in dot. When adding the arcs close to the nodes, but sometimes before the nodes have been defined, the graph is not correct. Some nodes are shown in the wrong subgraph. When first defining all nodes in the subgraph they belong to, and add all arcs at the end (outside of any subgraph) then dot goes grazy, showing nodes on top of each other and arcs running all around the graph! I'm using the 2.32 with the option newrank=true . Without the option, the subgraph-functionality does not work at all :-( . I attached the different inputs.

Parsing error

Hi everybody.
I try to use dot on Windows 7.
It produces errors only when I use it via java:

WARNING: Lexer[6(12)]: Unrecognized character '.'(46) -- ignored
ERROR: Parser[6(16)]: Syntax error
Exception: at [6(16)]: Syntax error
att.grappa.GraphParserException: at [6(16)]: Syntax error
at att.grappa.Parser.report_error(
at java_cup.runtime.lr_parser.syntax_error(
at java_cup.runtime.lr_parser.parse(

Graphviz main function


I use graphviz as a library that is I use some of the needed libraries(dlls & dot.exe) to convert dot to svg file & it works with command line. Now I would like to call the main function in the dlls that makes this conversion.
Can anyone tell me which is the dll & what is the function I should make a call to?
Thanks in advance.


xdot changes from 1.2 to 1.4

Hi All,

I notice (we'll actually my parser noticed) that going from graphviz 2.30 to 2.32
has also included a transition from xdot 1.2 to xdot 1.4.

Is there a way to specify which xdot version I want outputted, or is my
parser going to have to become smart as to which version it is parsing?

Cheers, Ian.

Resizing and printing

I am new to Graphviz and have written a sql procedure to create Dot code for a graph. Unfortuneitly I cannot figure out how print it to a 36in by 40in paper via a plotter. I know I would have to rotate the results from Graphviz but how do you get the graph to render in a specific size and still be readable. I tried many differrent options and I lose so much resolution. My first question is how can I get it to fill the 36x40 space without shrinking the nodes. I am including some sample code but my labels vary in size from 8 to 15 characters.

Graphviz links within Record nodes


I am pretty new to Graphviz and am looking for a way to add links to the contents of record nodes - for example, a link from Mobile Services in the example below. Is this possible, or is there another way to accomplish the same thing?

digraph features {

node [shape=record];

corp1 [style=filled fillcolor=grey URL="" label=
"{ OUR BUSINESS SERVICES | Service A | Service B | Service C }"];
details [style=filled fillcolor=beige label=

Phantom arrow in dot digraph

Hello. I couldn't how to create an account within the issue tracker so I'll post here.

I've discovered what I believe to be a bug.
This renders with a phantom link from 1.0.3 to 1.0.

digraph G{
{ "2.0"->"2.0.1"->"2.0.2"->"2.0.3" }

I'm using GraphViz 2.32 on ArchLinux.

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