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I've been generating a graph with subgraphs using gv_python. However, the bounding box and the label of the subgraph does not appear. Anyone who has an idea? This is the .dot file generated.
digraph "6866-dev_all" {
node [label="\N"];
graph [fontname=helvetica,

Network Diagrams in GraphViz

I am new to GraphViz so please forgive my ignorance.
I need to create a quick network topology diagram for a network consisting of ~140 switches. I do not wish to waste hours drawing this in Visio or DIA, as the project may not get funded.
One place that I am having issues is landing multiple connections (24) on certain switches. With this level of concentration, things like port labels become very cluttered and somewhat misplaced.
Any help would be great! DOT files, command syntax ideas, etc.

subscripts in labels

Could anyone please tell me if it is possible to use subscripts in labels? And if so, could they also tell me how.

img tag padding

I have a problem with adding an image to a node with text. The image is added to a node with a table tag but I cannot make the image to fill the area for the image. Instead there's some padding of some sort that I cannot get rid of. The attached image shows the problem. I want the area between the two blue lines to be preferably 0. I have tried the CELLPADDING="value"-tag and some others that are listed in the shapes-page (see link [1]). I'm using "dot - graphviz version 2.26.3 (20100126.1600)". Any suggestions?

Generating large graphs with dot

I'm having some problems with generating a large graph. It has 5k nodes and 7k edges. The svg file produced does not render the graph correctly. The labels are overlapping each other. The labels are over each other. It looks like a big mess. Any one who has an idea on how to solve this problem?


Can anyone tell me how to use the imap output format?

Generating images with dot file


I'm trying to generate a png image out of a dot file but the command returns a segmentation fault. This is a large graph, a graph containing about 2k+ nodes. Any ideas on how to solve this?

[Output to pdf issues] Fonts

Hi there. Currently having font issues with output to pdf using dot.
ive tried the following:




The output is Times New Roman when viewed in Adobe Reader, however, when you select any text, copy, and paste, the output is not text.

Orienting clusters?


I'm using DOT to output a graph that represents a FlowVR application.

I believe my problem resides in cluster placement:

For example, inside primes/compute/parallel, I would like to force the cluster that contains "beginIt" node to the left of the purple boxes, and similarly, force the cluster with "endIt" and "primesOut" on the right.

Oh and, I have rankdir=LR; so what I'm asking for is probably pushing one on top and sinking one to the bottom.

Trouble with neato in Graphviz GUI

I am new to Graphviz. I am running the GUI version of the program on my mac laptop.

I am trying to draw a complete graph in NEATO, and I want to be able to define the distance between nodes. I am therefore using the mds model. My small "test block" is printed below this message.

Problem is, the distances in the final graph are all equal, despite the "len" variable and the mds model. Possibly the GUI is trying to draw this as a DOT graph instead of a NEATO? How do I tell the GUI program I want a NEATO format?

Or am I way off?

Any help is much appreciated.

graph G {

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