Filter for drawing directed graphs.

SVG id

can graph id be added as id in svg output?
So example following graph
digraph mysvg{
    a -> c
Will  produce followig svg.
<svg width="62pt" height="116pt"
 viewBox="0.00 0.00 62.00 116.00" xmlns="" xmlns:xlink="">

Multiheight ranking in dot?

Hi all, I'm trying to use graphviz to render compiler output as a control flow graph, but node heights vary widely and don't mix well with ranking. For example, the attached graph includes two independent control flow graphs, and tall nodes from one constrain short nodes from the other. The result is not just visually unsatisfying: it also makes it harder to see the graph's structure because the graph is so stretched out in the y dimension.

Drawing Chess Openings with Perl and DOT

Here is one project I begin to draw map of chess openings.
I am newbie with graphviz and dot..but I will write here in this wiki my experience.
What I want to do: parse Chess PGN files with Perl to produce graphe, use DOT to map it into one drawing (PNG or SVG files), use all result into chess forum (no name  here for not advertising, put it is well known chess openings website).
My work just from now (except for discovering grapviz, reading papers about differents layouts and so on):

report node generation using json array

how to generate the report node for php json data

Multiheight ranking in dot?

Hi all, I'm trying to use graphviz to render compiler output as a control flow graph, but node heights vary widely and don't mix well with ranking (see attachment, note how small nodes get spread out by large ones).

Snap to Gridlines

Hi all, I'm trying to generate layout information for a graph where all of the elements must be laid out in a grid. I would like all coordinates to be integer multiples of the grid-box size. For example, if I have a grid made up of 1 inch squares, I would like all node coordinates to be a multiple of 72 (the number of points in an inch, if I'm not mistaken). I like the hierarchical layout of dot, so I'd prefer not to switch to a different tool. Thanks, Nat

Missing Arrowheads

Ive made a tool to generate Graphviz files from project data. I've shared this tool with others and told them to install Graphviz to generate the figures. When they generate the figures, they see no arrowheads, but when I generate them the arrowheads are just fine. I'm using undirected graphs in dot with explicit arrowhead attributes on the edges and the rankdir="LR" attribute on the graph. I've been using Graphviz for a while so I'm on v2.20.3 but the other guy is using v2.28. Did something change in this area?

Node shapes not shown in PDF format

I'm trying to create PDf of teh generated graphs.SO,everything goes fine except that the node shapes are not shown in the PDF and I get just nodel labels hanging out in the graph.This is very starnge as the node shapes are specified in the DOT file and also present in a graph that I get using Grappa.All other attributes like color,size etc of the graph is taken into accoutn except the shapes.I tried to convert it to PS and to PDF but it still doesn't work.
Could anyone help me find a solution to the problem.

Uncrossing lines.

Guys, I have managed to get my diagram drawn, can anyone help as I am trying to get the lines "uncrossed" digraph sms { size="10,10"; node [shape=doublecircle, color=darkorange, style=filled]; "SMSB" -> "SLR"; "SMSB" -> "PCF"; "O-MSC" -> "SMSB"; "ISCP" -> "CLS-SDF"; "SMSB" -> "SMSC"; "PCF" -> "SLR"; "SMSB" -> "HLR"; "SMSB" -> "T-MSC"; "SMSC" -> "T-MSC";

Complete novice.

Guys, I am a complete novice (or muppet depending on your point of view) I have a MAC running Lion and was wondering who do I best generate dot files or the best application to generate dot files.

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