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How to get straightline segments rather than b-spline control points from dot?

I would like to get the actual line segments for a polyline or ortho layout from dot . How do I get those rather than the b-spline control points? 8Ihave tried the neato -s -n2 suggestion from the FAQ

How to produce edges as straight-l​ine segments, not control points

Is there a command or argument that will cause dot to produce the
straight-line segments from a polyline or ortho graph rather than the control
points for a b-spline? I have no idea how to convert the latter to the
former. Thank you

cluster directed self transition

Hello, is it possible to produce a self transition of a cluster (subgraph)?


digraph G { compound = true; subgraph cluster0 {

a->b; a->{c};

b->d; c->d;


subgraph cluster1 {

e->g; e->f; } b->f [lhead=cluster1];


c->g [ltail=cluster0,lhead=cluster1];

c->e [ltail=cluster0];


// self transition of cluster0???

a->a [ltail=cluster0, lhead=cluster0];


Replace node ID with a label

I have tried out a very simple graph, with dotty.
which is as follows, I would like to know how to display some text content in these nodes in addition to the node id?

I'm trying to build s simple code flow chart from some code., so it can contain text like "a = a+1;", "print('Hello')" ; etc..

digraph G {
start -> a0;
start -> b0;
a1 -> b3;
b2 -> a3;
a3 -> a0;
a3 -> end;
b3 -> end;
start [shape=Mdiamond];
end [shape=Msquare];

Absolute position of nodes?

Hello everyone,

I'm trying to place nodes manually using pos, but the position doesn't change no matter what I put in there.

Here is my code:

It should be like this:
Node 1 top-left, Node 2 top-right
Node 3 bottom-left, Node 4 bottom-right

I'm using the ubuntu package for graphviz, dot version 2.26.3

Thank you for your help

Control-theory-like block diagram with the dot language

I'm working on a C++ project in the field of automatics I'd like to start documenting. I'd like to use Doxygen and have been wondering if it is possible to draw a block-diagram, like the one here: with the dot language.

Well, is it?

Thanks in advance for any hints.

Unable to specify ratio

Hello all! I would be much thankfull for any advice on this. I am trying to generate a graph (of a database) with tables (using the HTML like construction) and edges between cells in tables. The ultimate goal is to print the result and therefore I would like the diagram to fit reasonably well on an "A-standard" paper and use as much of the paper as possible. Dot however produces a verry tall and narrow diagram not at all suitable for print (or anything really). Setting aspect (with or without lwidth/lheight) seems to do nothing at all. Setting ratio (to whatever) causes a crash.

How to get coords from labels for html

Hello, it is my first project with graphviz and I hope you can help me.
I have a matrix in excell with a nxn relatonship and wants to display as an
digraph. At the edges I want to have some labels and I want to display it in
the IE (so svg is not working).
So I collect all datas from the excell sheet and create the input file for dot. The outputfile is a png and a an imap file. I thought I can get the coords for the labels from the imap file, but tis was not totally correct.

Dot's triangles

This is a retry, since my previous post by the same name seems to have "moved", and I cannot find it :-( We have a question regarding how dot treats the height and width fields of triangles.

dot compatibility with Win7

I'm using GraphViz/dot by means of Doxygen for years now, but I sadly discovered severe compatibility issues (bugs?) with Windows 7 pro x64, that's my main working environment. I was using GraphViz version 2.26, and requesting Doxygen to add in some more graphs in a source files documentation, I ended up with the explorer crashing, and the whole system needing a restart with power button(!).

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