Filter for drawing directed graphs.

How to untangle edges between nodes from different subgraphs

I have made a dot graph that includes several subgraphs; both nodes within a same subgraph and in different subgraphs are connected. However, edges connecting nodes in different subgraphs are some times messy and tangled. How could I untangle them?
Attached is the dot file. Edges defined in lines after the comment, "// time 42 to 43" (line 446) are specially tangled. I have tried using "weight", as described in dotguide.pdf, to straigthen the edges, and "remincross" to minimize crossing, but to no avail. Help will be appreciated.

Interface Windows for Delphi

I am using a package for Delphi, WinGraphViz
seems that it's interfaced with an old version.
Can someone help me to have this done for the new version?
I did try to import a library gvc.dll.
not so fruitfull

Is possible draw grammar automata?

 I want draw automata like this on paper from Figure 4.5 on page 72(61) 
I attach file a.txt (change to
How resolve some problems:
- second graph is above, should be below, noting do is I exchange it in text
- how do bigger space between graphs?
- from letters A and B shouldn't be arrow but I want to draw in this position
- arrow to letters should be dotted and go close to letters
I found white arrow color and  style = dashed

different ranks for dots

I have this code:
 digraph g{
{rank=same; 2 ;}
{rank=same; 1;}
{rank=same; 3;}

Help , html string

Hi, i'm a newbie. I have a problem :
i want put a string html on my ID , example :
     c [label="<a href="">hello</a>"][color=red];
this formule not work. Please help me.

How to generate diagrams using Graphviz and Doxygen.

I have installed Doxygen for matlab code structure analysis for that I want to generate some UML digrams from the Doxygen,so that I have additionally installed the tool called Graphviz 2.28 but I dont know, using this tool how to generate the graph How should I connect Graphviz to Deoxygen? somebody please guide me to achive this result...

Note :
1. I have generated a html document by loading my matlab code into doxygen?

Keeps ordering of Node in a same rank


I would like to represents family tree using graphviz, then I have use subgraph to represents each generation :


but I can't constraints the horizontal ordering of nodes, I have the following result with edges intersection :


listColor arrows width

Hi Folks!

In dot, you have the possibility to color the edges with multiple colors, through : color='color1:color2:...' . I'd like to know whether it was possible to specify the width for each color ? Actually, I would like to multiple edges between a given pair of nodes, but the edges would be sticked together.


Changing the main draw direction


I am using Astade, a UML tool for the C development process. There I can create state charts by running this batch file . The state chart is drawn by dot:

"C:\Program Files (x86)\Astade113\StateChartDrawer.exe" %1 > "%TMP%\"
dot "%TMP%\" -Tpng -o"%TMP%\sc.png"

Now I want to change the dimensions of the state charts. I want that they are created higher and not so wide, so that I can print it better on my A4-File.

How or where can I say it to the dot software?

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