Filter for drawing directed graphs.

All node shape are not available on windows pack?


If i try to use "promoter" as shape for my node, i have a double box in output instead of promoter ...
Do i need to integrate something more in my script? Or in my command line?
I use the 2.30 version of graphviz for Windows.

my script (

digraph a {
a [shape=promoter];

lgn cmd:
dot -Tsvg -oD:\essai.svg "D:\"

Tank you for your help, and these tools !


Allign edge labels to fit its path in SVG output

Dear Dev Team,

I have always missed the feature to be able to have edge label aligned to edge path ...

How to generate raw SVG output without HTTP headers?

I use Image_Graphviz library to dynamically generate SVG output with PHP. I need this SVG to be part of an existing HTML document. But methods image() and fetch() both send HTTP headers. I just need the raw SVG part generated into DIV element. How to make such a raw SVG output without HTTP headers (!DOCTYPE ...) ?

graph.dll not found after windows installation


i installed graphviz-2.28.0.msi on my windows 7 System (VS C++ 200,2010 redist.), but when running dot.exe i got the message that the graph.dll is missing.

What can i do?
Where can i find the dll to install or did i miss some settings?


Display it on a webpage?


I'm new to this software.


How can I display a graph on a webpage ?

A simple basic standard way. How can I?

Thank you for your help and support !

Repetitive call of render command leads to strange rendering behavior in script bindings

Hi all,

I have been using Graphviz version 2.20.2 on a Linux machine in form of the tcl bindings, i.e. the Tcldot and gv packages.

If I create a network and call the tk render function once at the end, everything works fine.

vizualize a string

Hello !

I'm new to graphiz, so I'm facing with this little problem. I try to visualize this kind of graph as below but the " are the problem. strings or the name as below having the sign " are divided and not showed as one string. for example the name Vinod" Menezes it shouldd be showed as one string and not divided. how to solve?

digraph G {
" Aatmesh"->"Vinod" Menezes";
" Aatmesh"->"Karthik Rajagopal";
" Abha"->"S. Chandra";
" Abha"->"Suresh Chandra";

cluster changes nodes order ??


I am facing a strange behaviour; with the following specification, nodes are drawn, from left to right, 0 then 1:
graph "test0" {

But with a cluster, the nodes are drawn 1 then 0:
graph "test1" {
subgraph cluster0 {
graph [style=invis];

How could you explain that and ensure the order the nodes are drawn could be mastered ?


different ports are located exactly at the same place

Hi, Within the following example, I am enable to distinguish port1 and port2. digraph "test"{ node [shape=rect margin=0.2]; A->B [sametail=port1] A->C [sametail=port1] B->A [samehead=port2] C->A [sametail=port2] } Any Idea ? Thanks.

Subgraph with different rankdir

Hello community,

is it possible to change the rankdirection in various subgraphs? I' ve already tried, but it doesn't work. For example: I have levels, rooms and object in the room. I want to display the levels top to bottom (TB). A level is a subgraph whith contains various rooms, they should be arranged left to right (LR). The objects in the rooms should be arranged TB. And here is an excerpt of my code:

digraph relation {
subgraph cluster_firstlevel{rankdir=LR label="Level 1" fontname=...

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