Filter for drawing directed graphs.

Using Graphviz through my Java application

How can i use graphviz in my java application?as an API ?

bundling graphviz (dot) in a mac os x app

Hi everyone,

I want to bundle the dot in a mac os x app. i could not find anything in google. someone must have done this already. are the steps to include the dot in a mac app somewhere documented? or do you know any app which bundles dot (so i can copy from it)?

best wishes,

Icons along edge?

Is it possible to display an icon along an edge?

Graphviz into semantic wiki

Sorry but to find Graphviz brilliant tool.
My idea is to put Graphviz into a semantic wiki in order to genrate UML diagrams automatically, but i don't know how to connect Graphviz into a semantic wiki. Really a beginner.
I will really appreciate it if anyone can give me any advise or help.
Many thanks.

Custom shape path problems

i am adding custom image shapes.

i tried adding the imagepath to the graph with: imagepath = '/var/www/graphviz_images/' that is where the image web2.png is
for the node itself i added image="web2.png"

and what he is showing is:
thats not my image thats some other image from i dont know where from.

thx for helping.

Is it possible to use Graphviz directly with vba Ms-Access 2010?

Hi everybody,
Is it possible to use graphviz through vba code in ms-access 2010? I've tried WinGraphviz but it doesn't work.
Best regards from Brazil

help me please.

I think that my setting(Path) is perfect in protege. but I cant use OWLViz in protege.
when I have clicked the OWL Viz tab, error occur.

Error 1 Logged at Wed Feb 20 14:50:39 KST 2013
TokenMgrError: Lexical error at line 1, column 58. Encountered: "." (46), after : ""

simple graph worked in 2.29 but not since 2.30


I installed release 2.30 a few days ago and I juste isalled 2.31.20130218.

The following simple exemple is not renderred whereas it was with a old 2.29 I installed 1 year ago:

digraph "test " {
subgraph "cluster_2" {
subgraph "cluster_5" {
3 -> 6
3 -> 4
3 -> 6
4 -> 6

Note that it works if interverting 3 -> 4 and 3 -> 6...
Very strange, and not very cool as it worked with a previous version.

Do I need to open a bug or is this a known issue ?


Edge labels below the edge

Hi all, is it possible in graphs an edge label below the edge as well as above it?
Like this:

My objective is to have the edge label above state a condition, and the label below an action.

I tried using xlabel, but the placement and overlapping is not as I intended (tried to correct it though, bu without luck).

Thank you for any help.

Cluster attribute 'id' in dot?

I'm playing around with a compiled javascript version of Graphviz (viz.js).

The dot language looked more web2.0 as I thought it would.
But, I was wondering why there is chosen for clusters not being able to set an 'id'?

The svg 'id' attribute is ideal for usage as a reference back to its original (non-graphvizualized (<-this should be a word :)) object.

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