Filter for drawing directed graphs.

Manual install from .zip on Windows: PATH problem?


I've installed Graphviz using the .zip archive (can't run .msi files on my computer)

I've added d:\utils\GraphViz\ to the %PATH%

When I try to run dot.exe from the command line I get:

$ d:/utils/GraphViz/bin/dot.exe -Tpng -o data.png
(dot.exe:6380): Pango-WARNING **: `/target/lib/pango/1.6.0/modules/pango-basic-win32.dll': cannot find the specified module.

So, I guess there's either a config file to edit or more %PATH% to set? Any help greatly appreciated!

Global subgraph style statements

Hello! I have quite a few graphs with a lot of subgraphs. To style these I use a global style for subgraphs as seen in the example below (simplified).
digraph g
graph [rankdir=LR];
subgraph [style="rounded, filled", color=red, fillcolor=khaki, fontsize=10];
node [shape=box, style="rounded,filled", color=red, fillcolor=khaki, fontsize=8];

subgraph cluster0
1 [label="First"];
2 [label="Second"];

1 -> 2;

dot file created from schemaspy wont render

I have been using dot in conjunction with schemaspy to create database relationship diagrams.
dot is hanging on some diagrams. I have looked at a number of diagrams and cannot see any obvious differences.
I have run dot from the command line to see if I get any messages etc by using the -q flag but I get no further clues.
Is there a way of identifying what is cause dot to hang/spin etc!!
Below is my latest test
Thanks for any advice

Steve M

C:\Program Files (x86)\Graphviz2.31\bin>dot -v -Tpng -O -q3
dot - graphviz version 2.31.20130320.0445 (20130320.0445)

Problem with displaying dot file in latest graphiz release for windows

Hi all,

I´ve been trying to plot a very simple graphviz file in the latest windows release (AT&T execution package) with gvedit, but graphviz keeps complaining. I didn't have any problems displaying the file with previous version. The definition of the graph is as follows:

graph G {
7--8 [];
0--7 [];
3--4 [];
2--1 [];
5--4 [];
6--8 [];
5--3 [];
8--5 [];
6--1 [];
6--0 [];
6--2 [];

and the error message I get is:

Warning: :2: syntax error in line 2 near ']'

Problem with simple graph on windows 7


I'm trying to display the following graph:

graph G {
3--1 [];
6--5 [];
2--1 [];
2--3 [];
7--8 [];
0--8 [];
7--6 [];
5--4 [];
7--4 [];
7--0 [];

but I get the following error in the console:

Warning: :2: syntax error in line 2 near ']'

It must be a very simple thing that must be missing, but I can't seem to find it. In older verstions of graphviz I didn't have any problems displaying this graph. Hope anyone can help,


Edge between rows in record overlaps entire record

Attached is my code (record_upload.txt) and the output (record_upload.png). The line from 130853 to 130843 overlaps the entire "function2" node. How can I prevent it from doing this?

Graphviz (dot) crashes when inputting multiple diagrams from STDIN

Hello, I would like to report a bug in dot and perhaps offer assistance. I am testing this on the latest March 16th development snapshot, but the stable version did not work as well. Unfortunately I am not familiar enough with the codebase to know what is going on .. but from I was able to rule out is the cleanup procedures in dot.c - commenting them out does not fix the crash. Also I had a real world example with HTML labels .. they caused a lot of problems in a second input as well. Would be cool to fix it as it would allow running dot as a worker for an FastCGI application for example.

Workaround for splines=ortho crash?


An issue has been reported by several users in which for some graphs setting "splines = ortho" causes dot to crash. See for example issues

Does anyone have a workaround for this issue?


Unable to install binray graphviz-2.28.0-1.el6.x86_64.rpm

I am trying to install graphviz for plugin.

I could install the latest version 2.30.1 by using "yum". But that does not support all functionality of the plugin as stated in

Hence, I need to install 2.28 version for which I have tried to download

And finally it says it is missing dependencies:

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