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error: Problems running dot: exit code=-1, command='dot'

Hi folks,

I've just updated graphviz to the latest version and not dot has stopped working. Doxygen (in my case) reports the following:

error: Problems running dot: exit code=-1, command='dot'

With the previous version I was running (2.28) all was well. Any chance of being able to download that?

Does anyone know if there is an easy fix for this, or if there's a setting somewhere which can get me up and running again? Hopefully this is just a matter of installing the the packages in the right order or something trivial like that.

Any help is welcome.

Best wishes,


How to create Graph without writing files

I have a web application where I'm creating graph dynamically using dot language.
For every graph related request I have to recreate the graph with new data and send it back to webpage to view user.
currently I'm doing in this way.
1. create .dot file at runtime.
2. compile .dot file using commandline utility
3. get the .svg file and include it in web page.

Problem is that I have to these create file for every user and every request and its more tedious process.

Is there any way in Graphviz that I can get graph at runtime without creating physical files on hard disk.

Node layout using html

Hi all, I'm using graphviz to draw a graph a squash players that play together. The current graph contains players photo or name whether the picture is available or not ( I would like to enhance that display using HTML in nodes to display and layout addition information (picture, name, rank, etc) and add links to let players not directly connected to contact each others.

getting nodes in left-to-right order


I would like to get the bottom nodes (labeled 0, 1, and 2) of the attached graph in the left-to-right order 0, 1, 2. I tried to achieve this with ordering=out, but it only works when I remove other nodes. Does anyone know how to do this right?

Having trouble in Windows

I'm trying to do this graph in Graphviz: 

Draw And-Or tree - need to draw arcs between/across edges

Hi all,

Not sure if this problem was asked before...

I have problems in drawing and-or trees using Graphviz. I need to draw arc between/across edges, e.g.
I need to draw the arc like the one between (P,Q) and (P,R)

How can I draw such arc? Is it possible to use the custom cluster?

gvFreeLayout and bb attribute

gvFreeLayout apparently doesn't clear completely the root Agraph_t*, since I get multiple 'boxes' (actually invisible, given resulting colors).
I do call gvFreeLayout between successive gvLayout,gvRender. I think could be a problem in libxdot. Here is the result of operation sequence

first call:
0xa0b540 _draw_ c 7 -#ffffff C 7 -#ffffff P 4 0 0 0 198 234 198 234 0

second call:
0xa0b540 _draw_ c 7 -#ffffff C 7 -#ffffff P 4 0 0 0 108 198 108 198 0 c 7 -#ffffff C 7 -#ffffff P 4 0 0 0 198 234 198 234 0

third call:

xdot versions etc


Am I misreading/misinterpreting something here.

I just downloaded 2.34.0 and was hoping to not have to
add to my antlr4 xdot grammar parser.

So I added the xdotversion attribute

digraph temp {
graph [xdotversion=1.2, rankdir=TB, nslimit=15];


to my input graphs, and processed them with the


flag and get output that looks like:

digraph temp {
graph [_draw_="c 7 -#ffffff C 7 -#ffffff P 4 0 0 0 454 888 454 888 0 ",
node [label="\N"];

sfdp: Graphviz not built with triangulation library

I have the following error message while trying to create a graph with the layout "sfdp". The error message is repeated 13 times.

dot -Tsvg -o mygraph.svg
Error: remove_overlap: Graphviz not built with triangulation library

Changing the graph [layout="sfdp"] line in the dot file by any of dot, neat, fdp, circo or twopi works properly.
Any idea?

I'm running graphviz 2.34 on Mac OS 10.8.5 downloaded as a package, didn't compile myself.

Thanks in advance,

dot loops forever for my graph

The subsequent example sends dot seemingly into an endless loop. If I remove some parts, in particular the last edge, then it would work. Maybe, dot does not find space for the edge labels?

Some of the generated rank clauses make little sense but removing them does not solve the problem.


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