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Mindist in Circo not working (library)

Hello, I build graphviz as a library using the source from 25.11.2013. I have only the basic dependencies plus gts, since I only need the layout algorithms and compiling Graphviz under Mingw seems not that easy... While many things work fine, the circo layout doesn't seem to respect the mindist attribute. Is there some additional library or something needed (like gts is needed for neato to separate edges)? Thank you.


I found a fix, I post an issue for it.

C and Graphviz

I'm working on a fuzzy pattern recognition system where, fuzzy relations, are represented by matrices.

We can look at such fuzzy matrices as adjacency matrices for directed graphs.

What I need to do is to draw the digraph related to a particular fuzzy matrix.

Is is possible to do this directly from my C code ?

Thank you in advance.

circo missing in graphviz-2.31.20130220 MSI

I installed via the instructions on the Windows install page (also 2.30 stable) from the msi, and I notices that circo isn't in the bin directory in either install.

I've double-checked and have found circogen in the C:\Program Files\Graphviz2.31\lib\release\lib, but no circo.exe.
I've seen nothing in the bug reports to indicate this is a bug.

Is this on purpose?

Kind regards,
artie effim

circular layout - radius rank

How can I specify ranking based on groups or subgraphs in a circular layout? Say I want all nodes of a certain type to be at a certain radius. 
Thank you 

Recompile GraphViz under windows, looking for a working DSW set

I would like to integrate Graphviz in my personal project. I am looking for a working set of the standard Graphviz solution with a Windows DSW file that compiles, specifically the DOT solution. Would be greatly appreciated! Kind regards, Eduard Smits

overlap using circo

I am trying to use circo to plot my graph but the nodes are overlapping?!?!
What should I do?

Graphing social connections

Hello everyone, I've been using graphviz for a little while now and I've always been really amazed by the quality of the outputs. I've always succeed in tweaking a bit my graphs so that the final output was the one I wanted, until now. I'd like to build a tool to graph my connections to my groups of friends. Basically, I have a few groups of friends (<10) that I want to represent as node around a root node (that would be me) Some of my friends can be part of 1, 2 or maybe 3 different groups max. I'm not considering subgroups yet.

How to compact a graph ?

Hi everybody. Given the following graph, circo outputs me the graphic you can see in the attachments.

digraph test {
edge [arrowhead=none,arrowtail=none]
node_l0_0 -> node_l1_0
node_l1_0 -> node_l2_0
node_l2_0 -> node_l3_0
node_l3_0 -> node_l4_0
node_l3_0 -> node_l4_1
node_l2_0 -> node_l3_1
node_l3_1 -> node_l4_2
node_l3_1 -> node_l4_3
node_l1_0 -> node_l2_1
node_l2_1 -> node_l3_2
node_l3_2 -> node_l4_4
node_l3_2 -> node_l4_5
node_l2_1 -> node_l3_3
node_l3_3 -> node_l4_6

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