Graphviz Open Bug List

40: Arrow placement on close nodes
55: edge labels trap other edges
90: timeline does not work with clusters
91: Trouble in init_rank
99: Memory leak
108: Incorrect node shapes during neato overlap removal
127: webdot in perl doesn't handle generalized URL syntax
137: Loop in calculation?
151: Viewing PS output of large graphs fails
153: arrowhead/tail scaling
154: Crash in dot.exe
159: cant draw a large graph
160: planar graph drawn with overlapping edges
171: more cluster wrongness
177: Missing error message
180: Assertion failed
193: garbled dotty output
196: Assertion `v->u.order < w->u.order' failed
203: Concentrate drops edges from two vertex cycles
206: dot chrash on Win32
211: incorrect visualization of russian words
213: HPGL output text labels are out of alignment
218: line numbers in warnings?
226: Re: [graphviz] strange warning + bad output from dot
228: dotty do not show changes in node attrs
231: Spline router problems
235: lefty readline from pipe hangs on Solaris
238: Recursive line on cluster doesn't work
242: dot gives poor results on graph
245: Too Much Memory needed
249: Pinning nodes in neato gives weird results
251: Aborted (core dumped) using clusters
254: More flexible handling of labels.
263: Invisible components affect bounding box
272: dot.exe crashes. Dr. Watson appears
273: VRML: no colors & node labels in transparent PNGs are hard to read
277: Lost clusters
286: Truncated or clipped output
287: dotty and dot do not undrestand wildcards
301: dot crash with constraint=false
304: graph loading and layouting error
306: dot seg faults with some graphs
309: headport has no effect on ports in records
312: invisible edges should not affect visible edges
315: dot.exe cannot handle this file
328: segfault: directed cycles + constraint=false
333: Custom EPS shape results in invalid output file
335: Edge headURL and tailURL "inactive" when edges are drawn first
336: Stars are not drawn well.
337: trouble with dot in init_rank + segfault
344: EPSF figures are not imported correctly
347: Edges to ports drawn inside node
349: I think it's too big
358: nodes of shape record invisible in dotty until "do layout" selected
372: labeldistance does not affect normal labels in dot
373: Edges in subgraphs
376: DOTTY abort graph display
384: Dotty crash with normal user and noi with root user
387: neato layout failure on simple 6-vertex graph
390: Extra characters allowed in graph grammar
397: Dotty Bug
408: neato Crashes Entire Server
414: rank and cluster works only if nodes are referenced in specific order!
422: Metapost output escapes parentheses in labels
425: Large numbers of nodes start rendering without labels
443: Edges drawn through record elements
446: dotty loses edges
455: Links in PDF Output allowes only http:// Syntax
466: Control of line style
470: Invisible edges and concentrators conflict
478: dot(ty) fails on long labels
487: Segmentation fault on relatively big input file
492: samehead/sametail vs record ports
502: Segfault in mincross.c:flat_reorder
510: seg faults depending on length of fontpath name
513: Default browsing directories in GVUI
518: Allow setdash
519: Enhancements to svg output
528: neato/circo/twopi lack cluster graphs
531: Overlapping edge labels
541: Webdot Incompatibility
550: unable to layout graph
562: Aborts when drawing clustered graph
568: Error: trouble in init_rank
576: Missing label with multiples call to agwrite
585: dot-crash when using rankdir=LR
591: Node order within ranks still not working
598: Web Dot Errors
605: Suggestion for Edge Generation in SVG
609: Request: subgraph maps
617: Segmentation fault in search_component() from
620: neato -n2 option changes completely the pos field
622: incompabilities between Gravphiz and isaviz on mandrake 10.0 (maybe expat ?)
629: Cannot create dia output on WinXP
636: Strange Behavior in Landscape Orientation and in postscript output
637: Assertion failure in min cross
639: Can not build without Freetype
645: concentrate lose edges
649: Plain format spec does not create a useable spline
654: space between borders in HTML labels
672: Flat edges interfere with finding layout with no crossings
675: configure option to compile w/ no Java
677: Constrained nodes with HTML labels
680: mandrake 10.1 compile error
681: Right to left languages - wrong letter order
688: Cannot beging name of node with integer
695: HTML labels don't accept latin characters
696: IMG tags in HTML labels do not work for PS files
697: Unexpectedly long routing of edges
698: Difficult graph for dot
711: lost edges
713: lefty not installed when installing graphviz
718: splines=true fails after overlap=ortho
727: Order out fails
737: Tcldot produces errrors when re-rendering a graph
739: Subgraphs miss from Plain format
766: graphviz-1.18/tkspline/tkspline.c missing include files used
767: Dynamic loading on AIX doesn't work
776: dotty can't find dotty.lefty on Solaris 8
777: dotty fails on Solaris 8 with example graphs
779: error 403 in running cgi-bin/webdot
783: Inter-cluster relationship causes dot crash
785: Spurious PostScript nodecolor+filled in filled predefined shapes
792: Dotty on Windows incorrectly handles ampersand
797: dot_static -Kneato crashes on PPC OS X
802: size option doesn't resize text under Sun
805: Makefile : error on make taget
810: Unicode parsing bug
813: subgraph cluster problems using dot/dotty
815: command line variable setting in gvpr as in awk
816: fdp should have a m-limit
819: CVS build of neato dies with "caught SIGFPE e" on even the simplest graph
826: rankdir=RL can cause abort/returnCode 0xC00000FD
828: Node label exceeds size of node in in SVG but not PNG
833: Record shape, rankdir=BT: edge inversed (north/south)
834: Didn't find expected font family.
838: Crash with no any output or explanation
844: crossing of edges
845: Infinite time of processing
849: dotty doesn't work under rh7.1 OS
853: Can't use bitmaps in nodes with -Tpng (cairo); works fine with -Tpng:cg
875: memory corrupt when doing gvFreeLayout after agdelete of some nodes
878: Relayout skews cmapx coordinates with gv_python
887: Visual Thought export errors in .vtx file
888: Overlaping lines with rank=same
891: Fontconfig build on Mac can't find Helvetica
892: Alignment problem in html display when generating Doxygen UML graphs on Solari
894: the graph doesn't generated
895: [Feature] Missing Rational Rose UML Node Shape
901: Incorrect node size after gvFreeLayout if peripheries, skew etc. are set
902: web dot bug with https URL
906: Graph which crashes neato
909: dotty doesn't accept anonymous root graphs
910: fdp catches signal and emits graph but all coords are 0,0
912: segmentation fault
920: dot segfault
930: center alignment is sometimes incorrect when using subclusters
942: Rogue edge in dot
943: html border/cell placement, alignment, spacing broken
957: Record shape+UTF+" | "=Eats spaces.
959: Linking two stacked records is ugly
962: problem with ordering=out
964: Double Label
966: trouble in init_rank once again
972: insane arrow with rank=same, dir=both, arrowsize=2
975: segfault in cluster.c
978: Bad output in neato for small edge lengths
979: -Thpgl crashes
980: grid like layout attempts
981: suboptimal node placement creates overly long edges
982: Problem in doing Layout on renaming the directory containing the library files
983: Crash of dot, with this graph
990: Weird edges within same node rank with rank=same option
986: edges don't appear to touch nodes
996: memory leak if directional graph contains cycles
998: Debian Bug#383261: Segmentation fault in dot_concentrate() from libgvplugin_do
1000: Embedded images of higher resolutions turn out too big
1001: Layout doesn't take head and tail labels into account
1002: Layout problem with unconstraining edges
1008: graphviz assumes shared library for ruby
1009: configure assumes location for PHP_INCLUDES
1010: configure doesn't work with static python
1015: Intrusion: MSRPC SnSyc NetApi Buffer Overflow (2)
1019: Build problem on x86 with gcc version 4.0.2
1020: VERSION defines
1026: Overlapping edges using ports
1028: spurious warning for color lists on edges
1036: gv_ocaml.cpp: In function `double caml_double_val(caml_value_t)':
1037: configure should check for yacc
1042: events get lost
1052: tclpkg/gv ignores --disable-tcl
1054: Problems with images when asking for an SVG output
1059: Doesn't handle LR state graphs as well as other graphs
1061: make install fails (cannot find
1063: DOT crashes, if any edge has a label; with clusters
1070: Abort using concentrate=true and rankdir=LR
1071: dotty menu inopperable
1073: Problem with ocaml bindings
1080: "sfexit.c", line 101: identifier redeclared: exit
1095: Build of --enable-static --enable-shared=no appears to fail during install
1097: GrappaSupport.filterGraph doesn't clear subgraph.currentSelection
1098: GrappaAdapter: button-1 drag + shift creates permanent outline
1105: Give nearly blank ps file with VERG BIG graph
1110: Infinite loop in dot
1112: glibc detected dot: realloc(): invalid next size (aborted)
1115: Dot cannot render Nutch's class graph (generated via RevJava)
1116: Building graphviz for SLES9 running on PPC64
1119: Missing layout plugins
1129: Dot works for several minutes, then crashes with no output
1131: Problem creating fixed position networks
1133: More pathological arc routing
1135: webdot error : failure to connect localhost:80
1136: dot crashes with multiple subgraphs
1141: Error: trouble in init_rank
1143: graphviz-2.12-1.fc6.i386.rpm floating exception
1144: abnormal program termination(2)
1146: Unable to compile Graphviz in HPUX 11.11
1148: Text length is larger than the nodes box
1149: shape = circle not supported by Grappa
1150: memory leak in Grappa
1157: dot file causes dotty 96c to crash
1158: Postscript (.ps) output does not work with psfrag
1161: dotty
1164: Error: trouble in init_rank virtual ...
1176: dot unable to process input file, give "virtual 1 virtual2" error
1180: malloc.c:408: error: return type is an incomplete type
1182: 91-line input file with edge label segfaults dot 2.12 on gentoo
1184: more than 508 images inside htmllabels ==> No or improper image file
1186: multispline, multicolor edges can lose arrowheads
1190: edges don't always meet node when node style=rounded
1191: Unexpected layout of tree with flat edges
1194: Undefined symbol "gd_alternate_fontlist"
1198: Bug #833 reproduced (Record shape, rankdir=BT: edge inversed)
1201: PHP Language Bindings Broken: Method overloading doesn't work
1205: rank=same doesn't work in subgraphs which are clusters
1206: Please wrap agwrite for SWIG
1209: Segmentation fault
1210: incorrect gdImageCreateFromJpeg dependency
1212: Problem compiling Graphviz on Gentoo
1213: GTK window crashes when clicking on an arrow
1214: using ports causes edges to cross
1219: dot outputs messages even when told to be quiet
1221: Won't install on Centos 4.3
1222: overlapping splines in dot
1224: issue with graph building with graphviz 2.14.1
1225: Problem with labels on edges longer than 30 characters
1229: graphviz 2.16 fails to build on Solaris 10
1230: Neato Maps in 2.16 on Sparc Solaris Not Layed out correctly
1237: fonts not found by dot
1242: gv_r.cpp:718:22: error: Rdefines.h: No such file or directory
1244: dot fails on dot file... requests but to be sent in
1254: Crash in pango with fontsize=1
1257: dot crash using rank
1258: dot assert using rank with subgraph
1259: Gradient fill style
1262: not always correct svg export
1263: Failed assertion in mincross.c
1265: no edit in DotEdit (dot -Tgtk)
1266: "ordering=out" does not work
1267: non-root make install with local prefix broken
1274: PNG output creates large, blank PNGs
1275: Graph loading bug
1277: dia output doesn't link ports up completely
1279: Allow different rankdir for subgraph cluster
1283: Allow including of .dot files for reuseability.
1285: malloc.c:408: error: return type is an incomplete type
1287: Request: Diamond-shaped clusters
1291: dot fails to layout/render correctly vertical records with fields
1294: nested cluster subgraph's box is not drawn
1303: Multi-image output to non-PS formats for multi-layer graph
1304: Inconsistent font mapping within and between SVG and PDF
1305: Allow setting minimal subgraph cluster distance
1306: Provide predefined page settings like A4 and letter for portrait and landscape
1307: Set meta data in output formats
1309: dotty fails on large graph
1310: dot SIGABRT-ed on NetBSD-4
1311: dotty.lefty: giving up on dot => message when trying to layout a graph
1312: Setting (larger) width and height for subgraph cluster
1313: Each (toplevel) subgraph cluster in its own group and/or layer for SVG output
1315: Different/error output for *.os and *.pdf
1329: Bad jpg output from cairo on wide bitmap
1332: invalid font-size in SVG output
1333: Label Exceeds node in GIF
1343: Layouts other than 'dot' seem broken in tcldot due to documentation error
1344: *.png and *.cmapx sometimes produce different outputs with dot
1347: Dot fails to process graph with rankdir=LR and landscape=true
1351: Incorrect units in SVG width and height
1352: Decorate attribute always attaches to spline midpoint
1353: graphviz-2.18 fails make check on solaris 10
1355: flat edge bug
1356: ordering = out does not work when adding unconstraint edges
1357: The simplest example doesn't work (Error: Could not set character size)
1359: scale output for print
1360: Bus error from flat edges in mincross
1361: libtool: unknown option character `e' in: -exported_symbol
1363: gv_php_init.cpp doesn't build with php-5.2.6.
1366: source / destination of edges are ambigous
1369: Crash with specific file
1370: dot crash processing ranksame + cluster
1371: Different pdf from same source in Linux and XP
1372: abort when using rank=same
1373: Compilation problems on HP-UX Itanium
1379: Can't compile on HP-UX
1381: Crash with DIA output on WIndows
1384: INT_MAX exceeded
1387: -lperl calculation in configure is not right for some perl builds
1389: Problem installing on HP-UX 11.23
1393: Unsophisticated fig output is hard to postprocess
1396: 2.20 Zooming Does Not Work Like 2.18
1401: Crash in dot when using "corner" ports.
1403: dotty and dot aborts on a graph
1404: Cannot Render Multiple Graphs in Threads
1406: Graphviz on OS X no longer automatically reloads changed graphs
1408: Lefty crash, memory access violation
1411: dot: compound.c:450: makeCompoundEdge: Assertion `bez->eflag' failed.
1417: Abort in flat edge code
1418: dot goes into infinite loop
1419: Bad self-loops to ports
1423: GVedit - dot incompatbible character encoding
1426: fdp "Segment violation" when 2 edges begin at the same cluster.
1428: trouble in init_rank yet again (still in 2.20.2)
1430: "rank=same" + "shape=Mrecord" + UTF8 = Abort (dot crashes)
1432: Dot dies with "Error: trouble in init_rank"
1434: dot -Tjpg renders extremely bad quality and colors (on Mac OSX 10.5)
1442: Segmentation fault with large number of nested brackets
1443: Core dump parsing multiple files in cgraph
1445: Node outline incorrect width with semitransparent colors (alpha)
1447: SVG 1.1 output
1448: reproductible crash on specific diagrams
1449: VRML: arrow gets wrong z when between nodes with z!=0
1450: VRML: missing label on arrows
1467: b15.gv crashes dot
1468: b58.gv crashes dot
1469: node is contained in two non-comparable clusters "cluster_1" and "cluster_1"
1471: Parallel build causes error "librbtree_C.a: Resource temporarily unavailable"
1472: rankdir="LR" causes various crashes and drawing errors
1479: dyld: lazy symbol binding failed: Symbol not found: _pixman_image_create_bits
1481: dot -v crashes with fontname containing :
1482: fontname documentation
1483: bad glyph placement in -Tps, label off-center too
1487: dot runs excessively long and at high (100%) cpu; produces illegal output
1488: Graphviz Crashing w/ Symbol not found error
1491: cygwin compilation fails
1497: Reproducibility check for graphviz/Mantis interaction
1504: Postscript font name broken in gd if no pango + cairo
1506: option to not add style attributes in svg output
1507: width (36053 >= 32768) is too large
1508: Fixedsize fails for nodes with multiple peripheries
1511: Dot runs forever on 1000+ graph
1512: Dot runs forever on 1000+ graph (follow-up)
1514: Library loses attributes
1516: Error with subgraph
1517: mmemory leaks
1518: incorrect handling of penwidth attribute
1519: escString E expands to TEH
1520: egmentation fault in make_regular_edge() in dotsplines.c:1448
1522: fdp crash (clusters)
1524: still spline edges after setting attribute splines=false
1528: Turn off tool tips
1534: Upgraded graphviz, now getting "Could not find/open font"
1538: GVedit does not generate a UTF8 file saved by notebad, but dot does.
1541: present but cannot be compiled
1544: No visuals generated
1545: graphviz overwrote my file with a blank file
1548: Crash on ill-formatted input file
1550: multiple bugs in vml-format output
1551: SVG output for the same input differs on multiple machines
1556: Fix compilation problems using Visual Studio
1557: &amp; escape disappearing
1558: dot file garbled if tooltip string is very long
1559: rankdir=LR aborts graph, no rankdir does not
1560: Crashes by VRML output when current directory is not writable.
1564: Crash with ordering=out
1572: Please always uses quotes with -Txdot
1574: para->height is less than para->fontsize
1575: Segmentation fault in neato with len=" 1.0"
1587: dot freezes with compass point
1589: Rank alignment incorrectly influenced when is ranksep under .25
1591: Error: Could not find/open font : helvetica
1592: xlinks do not work in SVG
1593: "xxx" not recognized
1594: Error: trouble in init_rank
1599: dot's output is blank when scaling
1600: windows debug exceptiosn using graphviz dot tool
1603: assertion failed in spline computation
1606: crash in overlap removal
1608: license problems
1612: fails to launch
1613: Installer fails on Windows XP SP2, admin user selecting 'install only for me'
1616: dotty treats backslashes as special in xdot text attributes
1619: Recommended Repo Install on RH-based Systems Fails Owe to Lacking repomd.xml
1621: ratio=compress and aspect=1 cause core dump
1623: Flat edge problem with records
1627: Expose a public function to override error function
1630: Crash on provded graph
1631: neato could position labels in subgraphs better
1632: Gvedit can't deal with the UTF-8 encoded input file
1633: graphviz is unable to render a dot file
1637: Generate easier output for SVG 'rounded,filled' boxes
1639: dot Segfault
1643: HTML-Like Labels aren't supported in Grappa
1644: Error message
1645: Some edges are inverted when using constraint=false
1647: Access Violation while rendering graph
1648: Different glyph outputs from cairo and gd
1655: No Output File Produced
1656: Format: "png" not recognized.
1657: dot input file causes crash
1666: Assertion `(g)->u.rank[r].n <= (g)->u.rank[r].an' failed.
1667: Erroneously duplicated edge between clusters
1669: graphviz-2.24.0 creates and symlinks in /root
1671: Eyecandy ?
1672: constraint=false causes abort
1674: Multiple colors per node
1675: makeCompoundEdge assertion failure
1676: Illegal Memory Access when running dot.exe with single nodes
1678: shape attributes for subgraphs
1697: make check fails on slamd64
1701: cannot load graph
1715: make error: undefined reference
1722: dot hangs on some input with tailport&headport&same rank
1725: Objects placement bug
1726: Cannot find the Solaris Exeutable in the Download page
1731: Dot segfaults when rankdir=RL or LR is used
1733: Cluster subgraphs + label + constraint=false
1735: Dotty can't display UTF-8 labels correctly
1737: Cluster reference link unrecognize
1740: shapefile have no width/height
1741: Flat edge problem with ordering=out
1742: multiple definition of `atexit'
1744: Unable to load nib file: MainMenu, exiting.
1746: Allow different colors on different peripheries
1752: Loops from se to sw are incorrect
1754: Font size in SVG output lacks font size unit
1756: Installer failure on OS X 10.6 for stable and nightly build
1761: No working solaris package
1762: Snow Leopard Link broken
1764: No link on image filled nodes
1767: cmapx title does not convert linefeeds
1771: edge clipping of heads of concentrated edges
1772: Abort trap from rank=same with some edge listing orders
1774: dot fail
1775: gvRenderData heap corruption
1777: missing cabinet file from graphviz-2.24.msi install
1778: dot aborts in
1779: tcldot package not drawing to canvas or returning string
1781: Crash on automatic refresh (Snow Leopard)
1785: circo drawing too large
1786: OpenBSD compile error for Graphviz 2.24.0 tarball
1787: problem compiling graphviz: `alloc_func' undeclared
1791: error installing on windows 7 64 bit
1793: => not found
1801: dot: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared obj
1802: Installetion on Snow Leopard fails
1803: Crash on editor refresh
1805: Failed installation on MacOSX 10.6
1806: Compilation pb, can't use graphviz
1811: error in drawing undirected graph
1812: No working python libraries in OS X Snow Leopard
1815: Two problems in circo
1817: fdp fails to properly draw splines
1818: dot: width (43241 >= 32768) is too large.
1824: dot files processed with dot, using -Tdia option, lose their arrows in dia
1825: exit() always called from xlib output backend, even when using as a library.
1826: gv fails to load in 10.6 (Snow Leopard) with Python 2.6
1829: Installation Error on Windows Vista
1830: FDP crashed on splines to compound
1837: psd driver broken
1838: Problems installing on a shared host
1842: No files after installation
1843: rank=same on nodes in different clusters doesn't align nodes but clusters
1847: Install fail on MacOS 10.5.8
1849: attributes inspector doesn't have overlap_scaling
1851: Warning: Could not create control points for multiple spline for edge
1853: crash due to ordering=out
1858: Graphviz subgraph fixed width with unlimit height
1859: Support layers in at least PNG, PDF and SVG
1860: Problem compiling graphviz 2.26.0
1864: setting the dpi attribute results in bad svg transformation
1868: Long URLs crash dot
1870: Possible memory corruption when agmemread fails
1872: Edges not concentrated with clusters
1874: [New Feature Request] Add a CSS-like "class" attribute
1875: Penwidth = 0 could show no line
1876: graphviz-php won't install from yum
1877: Sporadic rashes during edge spline creation
1878: Windows installer error code 2755
1881: Alignment of cluster label
1884: dot conversion to dia format
1885: graphviz-cairo's dotedit script is wrongly put in the desktop menu
1886: Unable to install graphviz on centos 5
1889: Segfault on "dot -c" when unable to open the config file
1890: Segfault in dot_concentrate using large input on OS X 10.6
1891: trouble installing graphviz-php.x86_64 0:2.16-1.el5
1894: libguide.pdf table 16 is inaccurate
1897: DOT Error
1898: Windows installer doesn't set InstallLocation property
1900: dot complains: trouble in init_rank
1901: out of memory when accepting large files
1904: Dot crashes with digraph that has aspect set and a label on an edge
1905: Error: trouble in init_rank
1906: Problem with multiple pages
1909: Dot.exe crashes
1910: smyrna could report better error message when it can't start remote
1912: 2.26.3 installer fails in Windows 2000
1913: Yet Another missing dependency
1916: Classes for more layout less code
1920: malformed pdf???
1921: edge misses top of node with invtriangle shape
1924: Segmentation fault on big graph
1925: comp.lang.c error: initializer element is not constant
1926: graphviz-2.26.3.msi not requesting .NET 2.0 on Windows
1927: trouble in init_rank in processing graph with many clusters
1929: can not display Chinese ontology graphy
1933: Problem compiling graphviz 2.26.3
1934: Problem compiling graphviz 2.26.3
1935: Pango-WARNING **: couldn't load font
1937: Database node shape
1939: can't run multiple instances of dot.exe due to temp file
1942: Unable to do a per-user or failback-to-per-user intall
1943: Unable to complete msi installation
1944: Run-time errors using graphviz library
1946: Divergence or corrupt output
1947: Parts of characters stripped in PNG, GIF
1949: Bug using sub graphs
1950: Windows Installation per User
1954: Additonal Arrowtypes and Label
1959: Constraint / Subgraph
1960: Problems installing with msi and using with doxygen
1961: dot crash and abort
1962: unable to run dot.exe in ..Graphviz2.27bin folder
1965: neato, shape=record, SVG output: invalid bytes in edge title
1966: sincos check doesn't use -lm
1968: Radial orientation for nodes in twopi
1970: Support labelangle also for nodes
1971: Improve navigation in x11
1973: Windows meta file output ignores linestyles in nodes and edges
1976: Error when we install graphviz-2.26.3.msi on Windows XP
1981: memory leaks in gvLayout
1982: install failure
1983: image filling incorrect when dpi is not 96
1984: libcdt-4.dll missing
1985: cannot open the link download grappa under java support
1988: Can't install Graphviz 2.26.3 on Windows XP
1989: crash?
1990: libgraphviz-dev / libgv-ocaml installation path
1997: Installer stops w/ msg: "1: ALLUSERS property..."
2000: graphviz-2.26.3.msi with Windows 7
2001: webdot bugs
2002: Dot.exe crash
2004: GVEdit unable to find temp dir
2006: dot: compound.c:408: makeCompoundEdge: Assertion `bez->eflag' failed.
2007: Tcldot generates segv if no plugins found
2008: config.rpath returns the wrong lib search path on 64bit machines (x86_64)
2010: Libgraph function signatures use char* instead of const char*
2012: Switched direction
2013: Seeming endless loop / CPU at 100%
2014: Error while installing graphviz2.26.3.msi on windows
2020: Support configurable start position via rankdir for twopi
2021: Enable filling of peripheries
2022: Edges are drawn over each other
2023: Multiple images in Tpdf output
2024: Use other icons for new, open and save.
2027: windows7
2028: Multiline in Tooltip
2030: dot crashes on simple graph with subgraph
2033: DOT.EXE crash triggered by nodesep=5
2034: Generation of graph aborted
2035: agread crash
2036: Images do not properly rotate with rotate attribute
2037: Labels overlap edges and nodes and can be unreadable
2038: cannot run the graphviz
2041: dot aborts on graph with many edges having contraint=false
2042: Problem with non latin characters in path for embedded images
2045: Assertion crash in minicross.c:846
2046: Can't install on Windows 7
2047: Build error: Undefined symbols: "_gvFinalize"
2048: memory leaks when using libgvc
2049: subgraph id used in edge does not find cluster - instead creates new node
2051: gvRender and agwrite don't play well together
2053: Dot crashes on input with many subgraphs
2054: Verbose and non-accessable SVG markup for tooltips
2055: Labels too long for HTML boxes
2057: ##spline=ortho" error report
2060: UNexpected installation error
2061: Missing program name in DotEdit: Help -> About
2063: Fix graphviz testsuite
2064: dot crashes with svg output of UML-like diagrams using href
2065: Problem about the "agread" function in graphviz
2066: Spline router loops forever in dot
2067: the erroe code is 2203
2069: memory leaks in dot
2070: Edge Overlapping for "splines = true" for neato in SUSE (x86_64)
2072: in installation
2073: fdp doesn't give xdot draw commands for edges between clusters
2074: Problem installing Graphviz on windows vista
2076: Windows .msi version won't install for per-user
2077: orthogonal edges in dot
2078: dot crash
2080: windows 64 bit version
2082: Node order bug within rank
2083: graphiz installation error
2084: Link swings wildly before heading to destination node
2085: generating a graph is pretty slow (12 sec.).
2090: fdp assertion failed, cluster rendered as node
2091: Changing DPI does not work well with some shapes (octagon, component...)
2092: Memory corruption in mincross
2097: Missing image
2098: font failure in Windows 7 and Vista
2099: sfdp rendering bug on ubuntu release graphviz_2.26.3-1_amd64.deb
2100: failure of windows installer (2.26-3)
2101: dot.exe not responding for some relationship
2105: Windows istallation failure
2110: Wrong direction of an edge
2111: Simple hierarchical graph crashes dot
2115: Implement horizontal/vertical scaling (starting with twopi)
2117: Crashes with this dot file
2118: cluster and rank causes abort
2119: Message "Error: trouble in init_rank..."
2120: Crashes after Message "Error: trouble in init_rank"
2123: Cannot install Graphviz
2124: Position is ignored in DOT, CIRCO and TWOPI
2125: Sementation fault using dot
2126: Graphviz in combination with tiny_mCE
2127: Crashes after some strange messages: shortest.c: triangulation failed
2130: subgraph crash after updating graph, Mac specific
2131: dot.exe missing
2133: HTML labels should accept floating-point values for point-based lengths
2136: Improvements to HTML-like labels
2137: Circo problem
2138: Error in connection nodes
2143: DOTTY is not able to deal with french accents in labels
2145: cannot run GVedit.exe
2147: Bottom pixel line of rendered fonts is cut off
2148: MSI is not installable
2149: Double free bug in dot layout plugin
2150: twopi crashes on small graph
2151: Seems gml2gv is missing in the Windows distribution of 2.26.3
2154: Edges between ports in HTML-like nodes only work with dot engine.
2158: Dot/dotty disagree on backslash handling (Windows)
2162: Graphviz install to wrong drive and directory
2163: Another dependency problem installing on RHEL5 (graphviz-php won't install).
2164: Dot tool crashing in windows
2166: Installation blocking error caused by Visual C++ 2005 Redistributable
2168: Text on self-edges of a node is poorly placed
2171: Loose nodes bad position, ratio=compress, Graphs and subgraphs...
2172: WebDot Error: can't find package Tcldot
2175: CVS conflict in documentation

Lines in green are modification requests. Lines in blue relate to dotty/lneato/lefty. Lines in cyan relate to grappa.