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Number: *
Title:     [brief description of the problem]
Submitter: [your name and email address, e.g., John Doe  ]
Date:      [today's date]
Subsys:    [what part of graphviz has the bug: dot, neato, twopi, circo,
            fdp, output generation, libgraph, libagraph, grappa, 
            dotty/lneato/lefty, tcl/tk tools, build/installation, other]
Version:   [graphviz version, e.g., 1.8.6]
System:    [hardware/OS/OS version you are using, e.g., x86-Linux-RedHat 7.2]
Severity:  [how bad: critical, major, minor, cosmetic]
Problem:   [a full description of the problem]
Input:     [input graph in dot format; if the graph is large, see below.]
Comments:  [any additional or unrelated comments]
Fix:       [necessary fix - optional]
Owner: *
Status: *
If the input file is too large to go in the Input: field, or you have an output file, please append it, clearly named, as attachments.