Number: 981
Title: suboptimal node placement creates overly long edges
Submitter: Adrian Bunk
Date: Tue Jul 25 05:55:40 2006
Subsys: Dot
Version: 2.9
System: x86-Linux-
Severity: minor
The following edges could be much smaller with a better node placement: mtdjffs2userh -> endianh; mtdjffs2userh -> byteswaph; linuxbyteorderbigendianh -> testh;
digraph G {
mtdjffs2userh [label = "mtd/jffs2-user.h"];
mtdmtduserh -> mtdmtdabih;
mtdjffs2userh -> linuxjffs2h;
mtdjffs2userh -> endianh;
mtdjffs2userh -> byteswaph;
linuxbyteorderbigendianh -> linuxtypesh;
linuxbyteorderbigendianh -> testh;
subgraph clustermtd { mtdjffs2userh;   mtdmtduserh; mtdmtdabih; label="mtd"; }
subgraph clusterlinux { linuxbyteorderbigendianh; linuxbyteorderlittleendianh; linuxbyteordergenerich; linuxbyteorderswabh; linuxdvbcah; linuxdvbfrontendh; linuxdvbneth; linuxdvbosdh; linuxdvbversionh; linuxdvbaudioh; linuxdvbdmxh; linuxdvbvideoh; linuxhdlcioctlh; linuxisdncapicmdh; linuxnetfilternfconntracksctph; linuxnetfilternfconntracktuplecommonh; linuxnetfilternfnetlinkconntrackh; linuxnetfilternfnetlinklogh; linuxnetfilternfnetlinkqueueh; linuxnetfilterxtCLASSIFYh; linuxnetfilterxtCONNMARKh; linuxjffs2h; linuxtypesh; label="linux"; }
Output file: b981.png
The original graph [1] I reduced for this bug report shows this even more extreme: The edge "mtdjffs2userh -> byteswaph" goes down most of the length of the left side of the picture although node byteswaph could be placed in the empty space immediately right or below the mtd cluster.

[1] userspace-headers-i386-2.6.18-rc2 at
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