Number: 978
Title: Bad output in neato for small edge lengths
Submitter: Serban Jora
Date: Wed Jul 12 16:45:47 2006
Subsys: Neato
Version: 2.9
System: *-*-
Severity: minor
I ran into a strange problem with neato. I used the attached dot file to generate a jpeg: if I keep the statement forcing the size graph [overlap=scale,ratio=fill,size="6,6!"] I get one ugly image; without it neato seems to loops infinitelly and keeps on grabbing memory (my ram occupation increased by 1.5GB) and I get nothing .. Any ideas? Bad graph specification? (other similar specifications worked fine ..). It is a 'view' of a NYTimes jobs rss feed where distances are calculated as the cosine distance between the titles of each feed item (and points correspond to items).
Input file:
Output file: b978.jpg
[erg] It appears some type of overflow is occurring, related to having an edge with len=0.00001. The final stress is more than the initial stress, and negative stress is reported.

Even when overflow doesn't occur, as in a small graph, having a small edge len induces an extremely large initial stress value. It's unclear why this is happening.
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