Number: 959
Title: Linking two stacked records is ugly
Submitter: Olivier Chatelain
Date: Fri Jun 9 12:56:43 2006
Subsys: Dot
Version: 2.8
System: *-Windows-XP
Severity: minor
Hello folks,

In the following graph, the lines are crossing over the boxes.

Greetings Olivier

PS: Using the ports manually helps.

digraph G {

  size = "8.5,11";
  node [shape=ellipse];


s1 [rank=0, shape=record, label="{<CYBQS> CYBQS|<usv0108> usv0108}"]
s2 [rank=0, shape=record, label="{ DB: ORTQSU01|DB: ORTQSU02|DB: ORTQSU03|DB: ORTQSU21|DB: ADSQSU01|<usv0036> SERVER: usv0036 }"]
s1:usv0108 -> s2:usv0036

[erg] By default, edges to port may cross over part of the node containing the port. This is obviously necessary if the port in totally interior to the node. Even if not, in general it is difficult to determine where to attach the the edge, especially as the choice of side affects the node position.

We could consider trying to pick a port after the nodes are positioned, picking the "closest" side open to the exterior.
Owner: erg
Status: Request