Number: 901
Title: Incorrect node size after gvFreeLayout if peripheries, skew etc. are set
Submitter: Ian Magill
Date: Wed Mar 8 12:46:40 2006
Subsys: Dot
Version: 2.8
System: x86-Linux-Suse 9.3
Severity: minor
The problem occurs for nodes when using DOT in two ways.

In all cases when peripheries is set to greater than 1, eg.,

In many cases when skew, orientation or distortion are set to non-zero values, eg.

Nodes always have the correct size after the first layout. However in the problem cases each subsequent call to gvFreeLayout followed by gvLayout, causes the node to increase in size.

This does not happen for all nodes in, and the effect varies for each node.

Perhaps gvFreeLayout is not clearing some fields concerned with these attributes.

digraph "bug" {
    node [
        shape = polygon,
        sides = 4,
        fontname = "Helvetica-Outline"
    "Node 1" [distortion="0.0", skew="0.0"];
    "Node 2" [distortion="0.5", skew="0.0"];
    "Node 3" [distortion="0.0", skew="0.5"];
    "Node 4" [distortion="0.0", orientation=30, skew="0.0"];
    "Node 5" [distortion="0.0", orientation=30, skew="0.5"];
    "Node 6" [peripheries=2];
    "Node 7" [shape=ellipse, peripheries=2];
In the sample given nodes 2,5,6,7 increase in size with each new layout. The other nodes do not.
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