Number: 895
Title: [Feature] Missing Rational Rose UML Node Shape
Submitter: Fred P.
Date: Wed Mar 1 19:35:06 2006
Subsys: Dot
Version: 2.6
System: x86-Windows-XP
Severity: minor
I know that people can use custom shape file such as: "c:component.png"

For example, but it's very unintuitive, especially for large people, to draw complex UML diagrams, while having to repeat on every line, the shapefile and such, also the formatting within the box and arrow is tricky, since one must use redundant spaces and returns to achieve one's desired side-effect.

i.e. not having a label over the arrow or outside the package box or component box or under the user figure.

so it would be nice to have:

shape="component" _______________ _____| | [_____ Component | _____| Name | [_____ | |______________|

shape="database" ___ [___] | | |___| Financial Database

shape="package" ______ [ ] [______]______________ [ ] [ Package ] [ Name ] [_____________________]

shape="user" _ [_] _|_ | / End User

shape="class" which is really just a fancy "record" ___________ [ ] [ Class ] [___________] [___________] [___________]

shape="interface" which is another fancy "record" __________________ [ <i>Interface</i> ] [ ] [ Observer ] [__________________] [__________________] [__________________]

also having an attribute, such as:

title="This diagram title" caption="Figure 3.1: My UML Diagram"

To provide an example consider the following:

My_Component [shape="plaintext" color="white" shapefile="c:component.png" label=" Myn Component" ]; My_Package [shape="plaintext" color="white" shapefile="c:Package.png" label=" Myn Package" ]; My_User [shape="plaintext" color="white" shapefile="c:User.png" label=" End User" ]; My_Database [shape="plaintext" color="white" shapefile="c:Database.png" label=" Myn Database" ];

instead of simply:

My_Component [shape="component" label=" Myn Component" ]; My_Package [shape="package label=" Myn Package" ]; My_User [shape="user" label=" End User" ]; My_Database [shape="database" label=" Myn Database" ];

While, the remaining are not "urgent" for me, they might be useful to other people...

The same could be said for electronic gates: e.g.


shape="nand" shape="nor"

shape="resistance" --'////,--

shape="capacitor" ---| |---

Also, for network diagram: e.g.:

shape="cloud" shape="pc" shape="server" shape="router" shape="printer" shape="scanner" shape="firewall"

Finally, being able to feed (X,Y) (absolute/relative) position for element or more precise position than fiddling with rank=same; and cluster trick would be awesome.

Sincerely yours, Fred P.
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Status: Request