Number: 892
Title: Alignment problem in html display when generating Doxygen UML graphs on Solari
Submitter: Farzin Blur
Date: Mon Feb 27 22:19:56 2006
Subsys: Dot
Version: 1.8.5
System: Sparc-Solaris-8
Severity: major
When displaying doxygen output generated on Solaris the text/labels are misaligned (falls on the lines instead of inside the rectangle). I get the following error/warning also during generation: libgd was not built with FreeType font support : Helvetica in .

[erg] Several things. First, please try using a more recent version. We have recently put out 2.8. It is possible that the problem here, including the warning during build, may have been fixed. Second, if you can, please submit a sample input and output. Finally, try running dot with the -v flag and send the output. Often, problems of this type are due to confusion about the font, and -v will give information about what is actually happening.
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