Number: 891
Title: Fontconfig build on Mac can't find Helvetica
Submitter: Ned Konz
Date: Mon Feb 27 15:46:50 2006
Subsys: Dot
Version: 2.6
System: PowerPC-OSX-10.4
Severity: minor
Despite the existence of the Helvetica font on my system, I get complaints about missing URW type 1 fonts. I've seen the other bugs relating to Times-Roman (about which I also get complaints), but in this case the name matches exactly. If I specify Arial instead, I don't get the complaint.

neds_mini:~/jobs/pacificTechnologies/src/doxygen ned$ echo "digraph G {node [fontname=Helvetica]; a->b}" | dot -Tpng > xyz.png
Error: fontconfig: Didn't find expected font family. Perhaps URW Type 1 fonts need installing? : Helvetica
neds_mini:~/jobs/pacificTechnologies/src/doxygen ned$ fc-match -v Helvetica
Pattern 25 of 32
        stylelang: "en"(s)
        slant: 0(i)(s)
        weight: 80(i)(s)
        width: 100(i)(s)
        foundry: "linotype"(s)
        index: 0(i)(s)
        outline: FcTrue(s)
        scalable: FcTrue(s)
        charset: set(s)
        lang: aa|af|ast|ava|ay|bam|be|bg|bi|bin|br|bs|ca|ce|ch|co|cs|cy|da|de|el|en|eo|es|et|eu|fi|fj|fo|fr|fur|fy|ga|gd|gl|gn|gv|haw|ho|hr|hu|ia|ibo|id|ie|ik|io|is|it|ki|kl|kum|kv|kw|la|lb|lez|lt|lv|mg|mh|mi|mk|mo|mt|nb|nds|nl|nn|no|ny|oc|om|os|pl|pt|rm|ro|ru|se|sel|sh|sk|sl|sm|sma|smj|smn|so|sq|sr|sv|sw|tn|to|tr|ts|tw|uk|ven|vi|vo|vot|wa|wen|wo|xh|yap|yo|zu(s)
        fontversion: 0(i)(s)
        file: "/System/Library/Fonts/Helvetica.dfont"(s)
        familylang: "en"(s)
        style: "Regular"(s)
        family: "Helvetica"(s)
        fontformat: "TrueType"(s)
        pixelsize: 12.5(f)(s)
        dpi: 75(f)(s)
        size: 12(f)(s)
        hintstyle: 3(i)(s)
        globaladvance: FcTrue(s)
        autohint: FcFalse(s)
        verticallayout: FcFalse(s)
        scale: 1(f)(s)
        hinting: FcTrue(s)

digraph G {node [fontname=Helvetica]; a->b}
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