Number: 887
Title: Visual Thought export errors in .vtx file
Submitter: Peter Brooks
Date: Fri Feb 24 02:45:14 2006
Subsys: Dot
Version: 1.13 (16)
System: PowerPC-OSX-10.4.4
Severity: critical
I've created a couple of graphs and exported them to Visual Thought files .vtx

When I try to read them with Visual Thought (Version 1.4 running on a Windows 2000 PC 5.00.2195 Service Pack 4), I get the following errors:

Parse ERROR at line 56 in file

parse error at token 'points' "

" Parse ERROR at line 56 in file C:DOCUME~1xy81528LOCALS~1Tempvthought_5a0.4sla.vtx:

parse error at token 'points' "

As you can see, these are quite different graphs, but give the same error at the same line - this points to me to a problem in the export syntax, independant of the graph itself.

digraph SLM
overlap = false;
	"Service Catalogue" -> "SLA";
	SLA -> OLA -> UC -> SLR -> SLA;
	"New Service" -> SLR;
"SLA" -> "Metrics"  -> "Service Catalogue (Customer vs Service)";
"SLA" -> "Metrics" -> "Service Catalogue (OLA vs Application/Server)";
"SLA" -> "Metrics" -> "Service Catalogue (OLA vs UC)";
SLA -> "Service Improvement Programme (SIP)";
SLA -> "SLA Review";
SLA -> "Service Reports";
USP -> Metrics;
Prognosis -> "Metrics";
SLR [shape=Mdiamond];
"Service Catalogue" [shape=Mcircle];
UC [shape=Msquare];
SLA [shape=Mcircle];
OLA [shape=Mcircle];
"Service Catalogue (Customer vs Service)" [shape=doubleoctagon];
"Service Catalogue (OLA vs Application/Server)" [shape=doubleoctagon];
"Service Catalogue (OLA vs UC)" [shape=doubleoctagon];
It is an important, critical actually, bug as, excellent as the graphing software is, there is a need to manipulate the output, which Visual Thought provides.

[ellson] Wow! I wasn't aware that Visual Thought was still available. I thought they had been bought by Etrade and just disappeared. Did you get your copy recently? Is there are web site?

The syntax of "points" must have changed, but I will need access to current Visual Thought documentation in order to fix this. If you have a copy, you could email the syntax for (points ....) to me, but there is no guarantee that this is the only problem so I might need your help again.

BTW There are three other formats which can be edited: SVG, FIG, and DIA.
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