Number: 853
Title: Can't use bitmaps in nodes with -Tpng (cairo); works fine with -Tpng:cg
Submitter: Ryan Schmidt
Date: Sun Jan 8 15:49:28 2006
Subsys: Dot
Version: 2.7.20060108.0540
System: PowerPC-OSX-10.4.3
Severity: minor
If I try to include bitmapped graphics in a node, via either the node's shapefile option or an image tag inside a table cell using the HTML-like labels, the bitmap doesn't end up being included in the image when rendering using cairo png output.

dot -Tpng

It does work fine using dot's built-in renderer.

dot -Tpng:cg

The nodes in the cairo rendering are the same correct size, so Graphviz is making sufficient room for the images. cairo just isn't including them somehow.

I tried including jpg, png and gif graphics in my graph; none worked.

This is with cairo 1.0.2. I haven't used images in nodes much before, and I haven't used cairo before the 2.7 snapshots, so I don't know when this problem crept in.

digraph G {

a [shapefile="foo.jpg"]
b [label=<<table border="0"><tr><td><img src="foo.jpg" /></td></tr></table>>]

Output file: b853.png
Owner: ellson
Status: *