Number: 838
Title: Crash with no any output or explanation
Submitter: Jone
Date: Fri Dec 9 14:12:36 2005
Subsys: Dot
Version: 2.7.20051209.0540
System: *-*-*
Severity: critical
Run "dot <input file" with no flags (or output format like "-Tpng"). Input file is presumably correct because it's automatically generated and no errors were ever spotted in the generated output of my program. Example is rather big but I did my best to reduced it as much as possible.

Exit code is 0xC0000005 (obviously it's a crash by memory access violation). Why don't to display some error message to let people know it's a crash?

I run it on my laptop Inspiron 9100 CPU 3GHz with hiperthreading, RAM 1GB with virtual memory off, however it's a lot of free memory available at the time of crashing.
Input file:
[erg] Stack overflow in search_component recursion. See also bug 206. Need to rewrite the recursion as an iteration

Crash occurs on Windows, but technically not a WIndows-specific bug
Owner: *
Status: *