Number: 834
Title: Didn't find expected font family.
Submitter: Klaus Fueller
Date: Mon Dec 5 07:45:12 2005
Subsys: Output generation
Version: dot version 2.6
System: PowerPC-OSX-
Severity: minor
Dot reports: "Didn't find expected font family. Perhaps URW Type 1 fonts need installing? : <fontname>"

I know nothing of graphviz' font-management. But I can't get rid of this error although Helvetica-fonts _are_ indeed installed.

echo "digraph G {a->b}" | dot -Tpng >xyzzy.png

digraph G {a->b}
[ellson] The problem is the the defualt font is "Times-Roman" which is a PostScript-style of font name not recognized directly by fontconfig. We have code to translate these names into URW font names explcitly, but that leads to this dependence on URW fonts.

URW is one of the base fonts for Linux, but I couldn't tell you where to find them for MacOSX.

As a workaround, please try: "digraph G {node [fontname=Serif]; a->b}"

I agree this is a bug and that a better solution is needed.
Owner: ellson
Status: *