Number: 828
Title: Node label exceeds size of node in in SVG but not PNG
Submitter: Todd Bruner
Date: Tue Nov 22 18:57:17 2005
Subsys: Dot
Version: 2.6
System: x86-Linux-Debian Linux testing 2.6.8 kernel
Severity: major
In trying to create a graph with nodes with long labels and svg output, I see two things: 1. text exceeds the size of the node, 2. text from neighboring nodes overlap. When I output the same dotfile to png, however, The text resides nicely within the ellipse.

Using shorter labels would not be my prefered fix.

digraph test {
    graph [ratio=fill, bgcolor="#ffffff"];
    node [label="N"];
    graph [bb="0,0,337,322"];
    node1 [label="Really Long Label Number One.nI need to put a lot of text.", color="#ff0000", fontsize="10px", shape=ellipse];
    node2 [label="This label is long as well.  I need this text though", color="#00ff00", fontsize="10px", shape=ellipse];
    node1 -> node2 [label="1 -> 2"];
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