Number: 816
Title: fdp should have a m-limit
Submitter: Loic Le Guyader
Date: Tue Nov 1 15:17:41 2005
Subsys: Fdp
Version: 2.6
System: *-*-
Severity: minor
I think to avoid fdp to create huge graph, an option should be add to integrate an m-limit : Quoting "The force model is modified so that a pair of nodes with separation greater than m does not exert a repulsive force [Mut2003a]. This alteration to the force model ensures that we do not end up with an unnecessarily sparse graph drawing.

[Mut2003a] Paul Mutton, Jennifer Golbeck. Visualization of Semantic Metadata and Ontologies. Seventh International Conference on Information Visualization (IV03), IEEE, pages 300-305, 2003. "

Debian bug #336770
Owner: erg
Status: Request