Number: 810
Title: Unicode parsing bug
Submitter: Karl Chen
Date: Wed Oct 26 15:27:40 2005
Subsys: Dot
Version: 2.2.1
System: *-*-
Severity: minor
The following tooltip: "Gaußn" (that's a U+00DF before a n) becomes "Gauß\n" when outputting postscript.

Non-Unicode characters before n are OK; other formats are OK.

GAUSS [label="Carl Gaußn1799"];
[quarl] It works fine normally, at least for the latin1 subset, to simply encode it in UTF-8. I worked around the Gaussn problem by adding a space between ss and n -- I didn't mention this in the bug report because I thought you knew Unicode worked most of the time.

From looking at the postscript output it seems like a bug in parsing n, because everywhere else n is split into multiple PS commands; here it was encoded as one PS line with "\n".
Owner: *
Status: *