Number: 802
Title: size option doesn't resize text under Sun
Submitter: Berend Ossevoort
Date: Mon Oct 3 03:38:13 2005
Subsys: Dot
Version: 2.2.1 & 2.4
System: *-SunOS-05
Severity: minor

I want to resize my picture because it is to big, so in my dot file I put the line: size="5,6.5" ratio=auto This should resize my picture. It does that, the text doesn't resize! Under Windows XP and Linux 2 this problem doesn't occur!

command line: dot -Tgif -o example_size.gif
Input file:
Output file: b802.gif
[erg] There appear to be two bugs here. First, and primarily, it would appear that something is amiss with either the libgd or the fonts on your Sun machine. When dot can't find a font, it reverts to a handful of built-in fonts. This looks like what you are getting in the output. When this happens, you should be getting an error message about the missing font. Is nothing being produced? What if you run dot -v ?

The second, related bug is that, when dot reverts to the built-in fonts, it doesn't take into account scaling factor, picking the same font as in the unscaled case. Since there are only 5 sizes available, the scaling is never going to be perfect but it should be somewhat closer in your case.

[berend.ossevoort] o answer your questions, No I don't get any error messages and if I run: dot -v -Tgif -o example_v.gif This has the simular result as before (see example_v.gif) and the output looks also quite normal (see example_v.out)

dot: fontname=Times-Roman fontpath=[internal gd]
network simplex: 11 nodes 19 edges 0 iter 0.00 sec
mincross: pass 0 iter 0 trying 0 cur_cross 0 best_cross 0
mincross Example: 0 crossings, 0.00 secs.
network simplex: 120 nodes 173 edges 37 iter 0.01 sec
routesplines: 25 edges, 399 boxes, 0 splines 0.10 sec
dot: allocating a 223K PaletteColor GD image

Owner: *
Status: *